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Olympia Bay boat docks, buildings and boats under cloudy skies.As a local, Thurston County residential roofing contractor, Valentine Roofing has proudly served Olympia since 2008. Our employees live and work within this community sprawled along the South Puget Sound. Olympia, WA is home to a distinctive waterfront, rich art and several vibrantly diverse neighborhoods. Aptly named for the majestic views of the Olympic Mountains this unique location within Thurston county is home to a several waterfront communities. Each neighborhood, home and roof has unique needs based on location, type of roof and many other factors. These special needs are exactly the reason why Valentine Roofing developed a comprehensive approach to residential roofing.

Due to the proximity of a saline water source within the Nisqually Basin, Olympia is home to unique weather patterns. Each change in season brings a new challenge and Thurston residents know this means the Olympia roofing contractor they hire for their roof replacement needs to be top notch and well versed in roof installation. Valentine Roofing has the experience and knowledge to plan for every weather condition for the best new roof install year-round. For peace of mind, every new roof comes with our leak stop guarantee. Should the old roof leak before we are able to come out and safely install the new roof, Valentine Roofing will come out and repair the roof leak, free of charge. No matter the weather we will always have you covered.

With a variety of artistic influences throughout Olympia, WA it comes as no surprise that the curb appeal of a home is top of mind for Olympia’s Thurston county residents and homeowners. Valentine Roofing offers a variety of roofing materials for the right look on any home. Standing seam metal roof panels come in an abundance of colors to choose from. Another benefit to metal is that it is a longer lasting option and offers choices that are meant to withstand the harsher climate conditions found in the South Puget Sound. For a more traditional roof replacement option we proudly install Owens Corning Duration® Shingles. This line offers specialty color options that can be paired with paint colors and design elements to really bring an artistic flair to the whole home and not the just the roof.

Two Valentine Roofing Contractors performing an Olympia roof replacement.

For a low slope or flat roof home we now offer a dark brown and charcoal gray option of PVC that are more appealing than the traditional white PVC roof. For every home, every look and every type of roof Valentine Roofing has the perfect material and color choice. Each roof is expertly installed by professional site foremen and roofing crew with a sharp eye for aesthetic elegance.

The Valentine Experience is unique to Valentine Roofing and you will not find with just any roofer. With the ultimate customer experience in mind we promise seamless communication, meticulous clean up and to go the extra mile with every project. Every new roof includes a final certificate of completion and the best workmanship warranty in the industry, so every Valentine roof guarantees peace of mind and quality that is second to none.

Whether providing your Olympia home with a new roof, roof repairs, gutters, attic insulation, or skylights, Valentine Roofing is the Thurston County residential roofing company committed to offering you the best service in the industry. To get the beautiful roof that your home deserves, call us at (206) 575-7656 or contact us at Valentine Roofing by filling out the form below.

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