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Mountlake Terrace was aptly named for the plateau setting of the city which includes views of Lake Washington as well as both the Cascade Mountain range, featuring Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountain range. The idyllic Puget Sound setting attracted the attention of real estate developers in the 1940s and a community was created that provided low-income housing for Washington Veterans. The growth of this bedroom community grew consistently with the additions of a nearby Boeing plant and other nearby industrial parks. Only 14 miles away from Seattle with a direct connection from Interstate 5 made Mountlake Terrace an ideal place to settle for many working professionals in Snohomish County further solidifying its position as a suburban bedroom community.

A downturn in the local economy hit Mountlake Terrace harder than surrounding areas and development began to decline until the early 2000’s when the city government set out to revitalize growth and create a more sustainable community through diversification beyond its status solely as a residential town.

Ariel view of a roof during a roof replacement. Surrounded by neighboring home and trees under sunny sky

These days residents enjoy the proximity to major medical facilities, public transportation hubs (that link the town to Seattle and other King County cities), and a true downtown economic center drawing even more families and working professionals to call Mountlake Terrace home. Revitalization efforts have created a greater variety of homes and with it a diverse need for roofing services. Valentine Roofing proudly serves our neighbors throughout Mountlake Terrace for a variety of residential roofing needs such as roof replacement, annual roof maintenance, roof cleaning, gutter installation, attic insulation, and more! Every Valentine Roofing service is a worry-free experience, carried out by in house professionals that have been expertly trained in the intricacies of Seattle roofing. Our estimates begin with a thorough roof inspection and are always free, and with transparent pricing there is never any back and forth or guesswork, allowing you to make an educated decision about your home. We are sincere about our intentions and hope to win your business through honest and professional means, which is why we encourage every homeowner to Get three bids, just make sure one of them is Valentine Roofing!®

Valentine Roofing is more than just a Mountlake Terrace roofing contractor, we are part of the community, steeped in service to our neighbors as we strive to make a positive impact through exceptional work while providing every resident with peace of mind. We are so dedicated to our mission that we developed the Valentine Experience | Seamless Communication, Meticulous Cleanup, Going the Extra Mile ®.  Every project has a dedicated project manager overseeing logistic and project details as well as a site foreman that oversees the professional roofers and ensures perfect installation every time. Our cleaning standards are second to none, leaving every job site BETTER than when we started. For our customers, it is always more than just a roof, so if we have a chance to do something that can elevate the customer experience we will always do it! Our superior service has earned our company hundreds of 5-star reviews, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an A rating on Angie’s List as well as several Super Service Awards.

Roofing Award 2020

Winning the Owens Corning Product Excellence Award for 2020 was no mistake. We offer top-quality roofing materials like the Consumer Report top-rated Duration Shingles for composite roofs, standing seam panels for metal roofs as well as flat roof options like PVC roofs. But our attention to quality does not stop at the “shingle”. Valentine Roofing always features high performing underlayment, like the Titanium X30 underlayment that we had a hand in developing alongside Owens Corning. Our flashings are always enamel-coated 24 gauge metal flashings for durability. At Valentine Roofing we only use metal exhaust fans and feature lead flashing for plumbing vents. This type of installation will always best protect your home at roof penetrations, where the roof most often fails, causing leaks. With our industry-best warranties for every project, you can count on a Valentine Roofing installation to always be the best quality and value for your dollar.

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Our attention to quality extends to attic insulation as well as our gutter systems. We feature Owens Corning ProCat Blown-in insulation that is free from organic materials and chemicals like formaldehyde. This helps to prevent moisture retention that can lead to mold and mildew in the attic. With options like an easy top off or full removal and replacement, we have the right plan for your attic. Every gutter system is custom created on-site to ensure the perfect fit for your home. Our seamless aluminum gutters are ideal for the Northwest. They are enamel coated, resisting rusting, pitting, cracking, and leaking, allowing for a longer gutter life even through the rainiest of seasons. With two different size options for the gutter trough as well as downspouts, we have the right system for every home in Mountlake Terrace. Our professional estimators will evaluate your attic and gutter system and recommend the best way to protect your home. Complete your roofing system with new attic insulation and gutter systems by Valentine Roofing.

Man preparing gutters for installation from the back of well stocked truck

Our commitment to our customers continues beyond quality service and products. Your home is often your sanctuary and when your roof is leaking it is often nerve-wracking. We help to alleviate that stress with our free roof repair program offering our roof repair Leak Stop Guarantee which acts as a second “insurance policy” for our customers in Mountlake Terrace waiting for their roof replacement. So, if your roof is actively leaking, or springs a leak, we will be out to fix it while you wait for us to safely install your new roof. Rest easy knowing you are in the hands of a roofing contractor that truly cares about you, your family, and your home.

Valentine Roofing is Washington’s number one choice for Mountlake Terrace roofing contractors. Our goal is to protect you and your family for years to come through top quality products while giving you the experience you deserve! Find your next project with Valentine Roofing today by contacting your local branch today. 

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