Roof Repairs

Let us put your mind at ease, with the Valentine Leak Stop Guarantee
Leak Stop Guarantee
If your roof is leaking now or you're worried that it might not make it through another winter, let us put your mind at ease. At Valentine Roofing we offer our Leak Stop Guarantee. This guarantee covers your old roof from any leaks until we can safely install your new roof. This means that if your roof is leaking, we will go to your home and secure the leak now while you’re waiting for your new roof. This ensures that potential further damage to your roof and home from the elements is stopped immediately. Our roofers are expertly trained to identify the cause of a leak and secure it accordingly, until your project is started. Our goal is to offer you the peace of mind that once you hire Valentine Roofing you’re under our immediate care.
If you need to replace your roof in the rainy months, we offer our Leak Stop Guarantee which means that we will stop your old roof from leaking until your new Valentine Roof can safely be installed.