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Ariel view of Truss bridge crossing over Puyallup River many cars crossing and Mount Rainier in a distance. Fife, Milton, Edgewood, Washington is a charming community that straddles King and Pierce counties. Residents refer to this area as FME, an abbreviation that refers to three towns coming together as one community. What began as an agricultural and farming area, has now become a picturesque community of beautiful homes, sprawling landscapes, and spectacular views with a quaint sense of neighborly connection. The small-town vibe in this trio of towns has attracted residents from all over to settle down in the area and grow their roots, creating neighborhoods and unique homes along the way. Residents in FME value service, quality, and sincerity, making Valentine Roofing the premier roofing company for best roof replacements, roof repairs, and all the roofing needs of residents in this Puget Sound community., 

Metal roofing is a popular choice in Edgewood, WA, and compliments the ever-present farmhouse and craftsman style homes throughout this town. We proudly install standing seam metal panels in both pencil rib and striated panel designs. With a plethora of color options to choose from, metal can be a great way for a roof to be the highlight of your home, or act as a frame for other design features. Metal roofing is energy efficient and 100% recyclable. In some cases, metal roofing can even save as much as 25% on cooling or heating costs. A metal roof can save on maintenance costs as well because it requires less maintenance than other types of roofs found around Puget Sound.

The classic ramblers and other family homes found in Milton, WA are often composite shingle roofs. Composite roofs are also popular in HOA neighborhoods in and around Fife like those in the Radiance and Fife Heights neighborhoods. Valentine Roofing proudly offers the Consumer Report top-rated Duration Series shingles. This line of shingles features patented technology to ensure top performance in even the windiest and wettest of conditions. Coupled with a variety of color options, thicknesses, and weight options this line of shingles has been designed to fit every homeowner and roofing need! The Duration shingle is manufactured by America’s most trusted brand in roofing, Owens Corning, so every FME resident can rest assured their residential roof replacement will be top quality when choosing any one of the five available Duration shingles.

For low slope roofs around the Trout Lake neighborhood in FME, PVC roofing is an excellent choice. PVC is an engineered product that helps protect low slope and flat roofs from water penetration by creating a watertight barrier once welded. With newer color options specifically designed for residential roof replacements, like Charcoal Gray and Dark Brown, PVC is a chic and effective option for low slope and flat roofs everywhere.

Two story home with dumpster in driveway surrounded by trees and neighboring homes. Every Valentine Roofing employee is highly trained, from our roofers to our office staff. Our entire team works together to create a seamless experience for every residential roof replacement project. Working together with our manufacturers as well as organizations such as the Roofing Contractors Association of Washington (RCAW) means that our employees receive ongoing training in product installation, industry best practices, and up to date roofing knowledge. Valentine Roofing is the best choice for residential roof replacements and local roofing contractors in Fife-Milton-Edgewood, Washington.

Did you know that your roof is a complete system that also involves gutters as well as attic insulation for optimum performance and protection? Gutters help divert water runoff away from the roof, siding, and foundation, protecting from water penetration, premature weathering, and rot. Attic insulation can decrease moisture in the attic and provide better temperature consistency inside the home for more comfortability and reduced energy waste. It is important to note that not all gutters and attic insulation are created equal. For all residents in FME, we offer top quality seamless aluminum gutters that resist leaking, cracking, and sagging over time. When it comes to attic insulation, Owens Corning loose-fill insulation is non-organic and chemical-free for better protection against pests, mold, and mildew. Working as a complete system the roof, gutters, and attic insulation will fully protect your home from the Northwest weather year-round.

Peace of mind is important for the families of Fife-Milton-Edgewood, WA. We ensure peace of mind for all our FME neighbors with our free roof repair leak stop guarantee. A leaking roof can be stressful and when left unchecked can cause more damage to the rest of the home, especially during a stormy Puget Sound Autumn. Our leak stop guarantee acts as an “insurance policy for your roof”. Valentine Roofing will send someone out to secure the leaking roof while you wait for your new one to safely be installed. You will always know your roof is in good hands when you choose Valentine Roofing as your local roofing contractor.

Man on top of roof wearing a roped safety harness while installing roofing shingles. Much of Fife-Milton-Edgewood still retains the original tree cover often found in the more rural and suburban parts of King County and Pierce County. Tree cover leads to roof debris, decaying organic material on your roofing material, and even clogged gutter systems. To combat these issues, Valentine Roofing developed our comprehensive annual roof maintenance program. Our trained technicians will remove moss and debris from the roof, treat for moss and algae as needed, clean the gutters and downspouts as needed, and provide a thorough roof inspection, complete with a comprehensive report as well as before and after photos. Our annual maintenance program will keep your roof healthy and beautiful year after year. As a full-service roofing contractor, we also offer all FME residents professionally hung, custom fitted Christmas lights. For more information about our lights packages and to receive a free estimate contact your local branch today. Let us climb the ladders and hang your holiday lights while you enjoy more time with family. Not just during the holidays, but year round!

From a roof replacement to roof cleaning our customer service is second to none. We are so committed to providing each customer with a superior experience that we developed our own way of doing things. We call it the Valentine Experience | Seamless Communication, Meticulous Cleanup, Going the Extra Mile! It is our way of always putting the customer experience first and we have the accolades to prove it. With superior ratings on online review sites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List and top recognition for customer service from the 2020 HOUZZ service award and several AL Super Service awards, you know our service is going to be top-notch. We encourage every resident in King and Pierce counties to GET THREE BIDS, JUST MAKE SURE ONE OF THEM IS VALENTINE ROOFING!®

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