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Arial view of the city of Redmond Washington. There are many buildings visible with a soccer field prominently in the middle of the image.Redmond, WA is often known as the location of Microsoft or Nintendo headquarters but for those who call Redmond home, it is so much more than just a bustling economic hub.

Redmond offers a true mix of urban-suburban lifestyles, providing something for everyone so it comes as no surprise that recently rated Redmond #1 in best suburbs to live in WA. The downtown corridor is home to coffee shops, restaurants, shops, parks, and more making Redmond a perfect place for both young families and working professionals to set their roots. Redmond is uniquely positioned in King County next to large cities like Bellevue and Kirkland to the West and the smaller rural towns of Fall City and Duval to the East. This varied mix of residents and landscaping has led to a variety of home types and ultimately Redmond roofing and Redmond roofing services needs. Valentine Roofing is Puget Sound's local roofing contractor proudly serving the roofing needs of residents in Redmond, the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.”

Offering roof repairs and replacements with a comprehensive variety of roofing material types lets homeowners in Redmond discover the right roof that will elevate the curb appeal of their home while providing them with durability and longevity. Our estimators are trained in roof design as well as roofing material products to recommend the right material base on the pitch and details of the roof itself while meeting all the goals for the homeowner as well as the overall design for the home. With options like PVC roofing, metal roofing, and composite roofing, Valentine Roofing has the color and material options to provide you with the perfect roof replacement tailored specifically for your home. 

For homeowners, looking to stay traditional we offer the Duration line of shingles manufactured by America’s Most Trusted Roofing Manufacturer, Owens Corning. The Duration line offers SureNail technology for better protection against blow through along with superior wind resistance. With unmatched color options in the Designer series and unparalleled thickness and weight in the Max series, the Duration line offers something for every price point, every home style, and can meet even the strictest HOA requirements throughout Redmond Washington.

View from the lawn of a white two-story house with cream colored shingles. There is a 3 car garage and a very wide driveway.

For homes, barns, and other outbuildings in the more rural parts of Redmond, a metal roof is always a winning option. Standing Seam metal panels are low maintenance, long-lasting, and offer several colors including the ever-popular galvanized steel and weathered copper. The benefits of a metal roof go beyond longevity. Metal is lightweight and does not add any additional stress to the structure of a home or barn. Standing seam panels offer versatility and can be installed on both steeper pitched as well as low sloped roofs. Metal offers energy efficiency as well as environmental consciousness rounding out the many benefits of a metal roof. 

For the flat-roofed homes around the northern side of Lake Sammamish as well as in the downtown corridor, Valentine Roofing offers PVC roofing in traditional light colors as well as the newer and often more appealing darker colors. PVC is specifically engineered to withstand pooling water, and once installed properly by one of Valentine Roofing’s highly trained roofers, PVC creates a watertight barrier protecting the roof from the Puget Sound weather. PVC is a unique material that offers a sleek and minimalist finish perfect for the more modern homes often found with flat roofs in Redmond. 

There is more to a roof than just the roofing material. Your roof is a system that works together to protect your home and when installed correctly will keep you and your family more comfortable. If it is time to replace your roof chances are it is also time to reevaluate your attic insulation as well as your gutter system. Much like other building codes and recommendations, the attic insulation recommendations have evolved and changed over time leaving most Pacific Northwest homes under-insulated and potentially costing the homeowner hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. A Valentine Roofing professional estimator can expertly evaluate your existing attic insulation and provide you with information on your options for updating your insulation. A properly insulated attic will improve the function of your home and act in conjunction with your roof ventilation system to provide you and your family with comfort from the elements. The correct gutter system will elevate your roofing system and offer even more protection for the siding and foundation of your home by providing adequate drainage for water runoff and heavy rainfall. By working together all the parts of your roof and attic will protect your home and family for years to come. 

Take advantage of Valentine Roofing’s free roof repair program with their Leak Stop Guarantee. We understand that waiting for your new roof to be replaced can be a harrowing experience when your roof is actively leaking, or even if you fear it might start leaking before we can safely begin your project. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with every Valentine roof.  

To keep your roof looking and performing at its best Valentine Roofing has developed an annual roof maintenance program to properly care for and maintain Redmond roofing from composite to PVC. Every service is scheduled by the local branch so you never have to worry about scheduling another roof cleaning. Our professional technicians expertly remove debris such as needles, branches, and leaves from the roof as well as the gutters. Once the organic debris has been removed the technician will follow up with a moss and algae treatment as needed for the roof followed by a thorough inspection to identify any areas of potential concern. Once the grounds have been thoroughly cleaned a report is left behind followed by before and after photos of the roof itself. Who better to care for your roof than Valentine Roofing, Redmond’s professional roofing contractors.

Street view of a very large house with bay windows. There is a circular driveway and meticulously landscaped front lawn.

Redmond is a hot housing market party due to the picturesque backdrop and well-balanced lifestyle offerings and partly due to the excellent programs like the local school district has to offer. This means that many homes are often competing for top dollar and to attract buyers. Valentine Roofing offers several roofing services as part of our real estate program to ensure that every home has top nop curb appeal and will pass any home inspection. From roof cleaning to a real estate inspired roof installation option and professional roof inspections that include a multi-page report along with the Valentine Roofing Seal of Approval. Valentine Roofing offers the brand power and name recognition that buyers are often looking for in a market like Redmond. 

Valentine Roofing is a well-rounded roofing contractor serving Western Residents around Puget Sound including Redmond. From roof replacement to roof cleaning and gutter installation, Valentine Roofing has the expertise and experiences tailored for every home, every customer, and every roofing need. Always offering free estimates with our best price forward and the Valentine Experience from the very beginning ensure that every Redmond resident will have a worry-free experience with every Valentine Roofing project! Learn more about our services and what Valentine Roofing can do for your home today by contacting your local branch for more information. 

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