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Looking out on the Lake Washington from a street in Kirkland, WA.Kirkland, WA is a large suburb in the Seattle Metro area of Washington state. With a population of 89,55, Kirkland has grown over the last decade becoming the sixth-largest city in Washington. Located on the Eastside, Kirkland runs along the northeastern shore of Lake Washington following the I-405 corridor just north of Bellevue. Boasting a rich waterfront lifestyle, Kirkland offers residents and tourists myriad of outdoor recreational opportunities such as boating, sailing, paddle boarding, and swimming at one of the many parks along the beaches of Lake Washington. Waterfront parks are connected by walking trails and run along the lake for easy access to neighborhoods, shopping centers, and more. The Downtown area offers a mix of high-end retailers nestled among eclectic boutiques and family-friendly entertainment creating an enviable community center. Access to several waterfront restaurants and nightlife options has drawn the attention of singles and families alike looking for the city lifestyle without the hassle often associated with big city living. In fact, Kirkland offers a touch of rural living as well. Home to Bridle Trails State Park, locals can utilize some of the best horseback riding trails in the Pacific Northwest and the park features a show arena for local equestrian shows. The park also offers access to hiking trails, all within minutes of the city. Kirkland was the original home for the Seahawks training facility as well as the original headquarters for Costco. The name of the city might sound familiar to Costco members because it is the namesake for the warehouse store’s signature brand. While the headquarters for both have since relocated the impact they have had on the city continues today with many former players and executives settling in neighborhoods like Norkirk, Market, and Houghton. Within the past decade, Kirkland has drawn a large population of IT and tech employment largely in part because of proximity to Redmond, Bellevue, where several technology companies and firms are located. Over time Kirkland has become a diverse city drawing in people from all over Puget Sound as well as other regions across Washington and the West Coast. As the city grew more diverse as did the neighborhoods and homes in Kirkland. Housing ranges from the standard split level to the mid-century cottages of Houghton and newer modern homes that have grown in popularity since the early 2000’s. Such a diverse commitment to housing has led to a varying need in roofing. Valentine Roofing is the industry expert well versed in the needs of every roof.  By offering high quality, technologically advanced materials, and always outstanding customer service we are able to serve the needs of every home from roof replacements and expert roof repair, to cleaning along with other home improvements such as gutter installation and attic insulation

Man wearing a hat, red sweatshirt, jeans, gloves and a well stocked tool belt and saftey harness roped to roof. Installing a composition shingle roof replacement.Many people do not realize that the durability and longevity of a roof come down to more than just the product installed. A roof is an entire system that includes attic ventilation, attic insulation as well as gutters that all work together to protect your home. The right ventilation plan will bring fresh air into the attic while simultaneously moving moisture build-up along with warm air out of the attic. Coupled with the recommended amount of attic insulation, which acts as a barrier between the conditioned space within the homes living areas and the unconditioned space of the attic, is the home’s best line of defense against mold and mildew growth, a real problem in the Northwest. Every Valentine Roofing replacement project comes with a customized ventilation plan for the home to ensure the roof is built to last. Reaching DOE recommendations for attic insulation can often be achieved with a simple top off. Every estimator is expertly trained to identify potential issues within the attic and create the right plan of attack to correct them during the project. Gutters are an important part of any roofing system and provide a way to direct water away from the roof as well as the rest of the home’s particularly vulnerable areas like the siding and foundation. The right gutters will prevent backflow, leaking, and overflow. A seamless aluminum 5K gutter system with traditional 2”x3” downspouts is a great fit for most medium-sized homes while the 6K system with larger downspouts can accommodate larger homes and steeper roof pitches. The right gutter system works in sync with the roof and attic to offer the best possible protection for every home!

Roofing materials have come a long way with advancements in technology and an emphasis on durability. Valentine Roofing proudly offers top quality products for every home. From the panel systems for metal roofs to the best residential single-ply membrane for a PVC roof, Valentine Roofing works with top manufacturers to bring the best in roofing materials available. The most popular material in King County remains the composite roof and with the technology of the Owens Corning Duration shingle, the strength and durability of the shingle now allows for superior protection at the budget-friendly prices of a composition, fiberglass or asphalt shingle. 

View of Kirkland, WA shoreline from the waters of Lake Washington. Boats, Homes, trees on a hill.As an industry expert, we know that technology is only half the battle when it comes to a superior roof. A roof is only as good as the roofer installing it. Puget Sound residents can rest assured that every Valentine Roofing employee receives ongoing training both internally and with our manufacturers. It is precisely this level of dedication to excellence in roofing that has gotten us recognized by our industry partners like RCAW (Roofing Contractors Association of Washington) as a top roofing contractor in the Pacific Northwest. 

Choose the right company for your next Kirkland home improvement project. Valentine Roofing provides technologically advanced products, top-quality installation, and excellent customer service. Every estimator is trained to provide clear and relevant information for every project ensuring residents have the information they need to make an educated decision for their home. By offering full replacements, roof cleaning and gutter installation along with attic insulation, and other services such as our roof repair leak stop guarantee or our Christmas light installation, we are able to serve YOU throughout the life of your roof. Contact your local branch Monday through Friday to schedule your always free estimate and learn more about the Valentine Experience today!

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