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Federal Way is the 10th largest city in Washington and is located at the heart of South King County where I-5 and HWY 18 converge. This mostly residential city has access to a variety of public transit, from various bus routes to commuter rail, making commuting both north and south effortless. The Pacific Highway, also known as HWY 99, runs along the Puget Sound allowing for residential homes with breathtaking views along Redondo Beach as well as Dash Point. The ease of access to major byways has made Federal Way a prime location for working families and young professionals equally to establish their homes.  Federal Way is also home to the state’s largest amusement park, an Olympic worthy aquatic center and several outdoor attractions such as one of the world’s largest collections of rhododendrons at the Botanical Gardens. From the outdoor farmers market at the Commons to indoor roller skating at Pattison’s West each activity serves to entice a varied mix of residents to Federal Way. It is no wonder that Federal Way has become a culturally diverse city. This diversity has brought with it a variety of homes and neighborhoods that are welcoming to everyone and boast every type of home from multifamily to multimillion-dollar mansions.

With such a variety of homes and neighborhoods in Federal Way, your local roofing contractor should be well versed in several types of roofing material. Numerous factors go into choosing the right material for every roof repair and Federal Way roof replacement project. The pitch of the roof can be a big factor especially if your roof is low sloped or flat. When it comes to low slope roofs and flat roofs the best material is a PVC single-ply membrane roofing or metal panel roofing system, especially here in the Puget Sound area. Water from heavy rain tends to pond and pool on lower slope roofs. A metal roof and a PVC roof can withstand pooling water without the threat of water penetration. Both metal and PVC have great color options for the most discerning taste. For Federal Way neighborhoods with an HOA (homeowners association), Valentine Roofing offers composite roofing options for weight, color, style and other HOA recommendations. Offering the full line of Owens Corning Duration shingles means that we have the right material to suit every roofing need. Other factors to consider when choosing roofing material are proximity to salt water, wind patterns and the vicinity of surrounding trees, which often means pinecones and branches will be falling on your roof. Valentine Roofing will consider all these things and recommend the best roofing material options for your roof and location in Federal Way! 

Creating a quality roof goes beyond roofing material choices. The ventilation and attic insulation are important factors in keeping your home and your roof healthy. A balanced ventilation system that allows the correct amount of air to flow through the attic will help to keep moisture down in the attic as well as regulate the home’s temperature. Attic insulation works together with a great ventilation plan by creating a barrier between the conditioned environment in your home and the unconditioned environment in your attic, reducing the likely hood of condensation and attic moisture. This barrier will also help to reduce heat transfer. Valentine Roofing recommends and installs Owens Corning Blown-in Insulation. This is a new generation of insulation, fully synthetic and chemical-free. Your insulation will no longer be an inviting nesting ground to various rodents and pests, it will no longer encourage mold and mildew to grow on your attic insulation and it is safe for your home and family. The right ventilation plan along with the recommended amount of the appropriate attic insulation will prevent mold and mildew growth while keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months. Valentine Roofing is your Federal Way roofing company with the right experience, knowledge, and training to evaluate your attic and provide you with a plan for proper ventilation and correct attic insulation. 

Chances are if you are already looking into replacing your roof it is probably time to replace your gutter system as well. Most gutters only last 10 to 20 years and are an often overlooked yet important part of your home’s exterior. Gutters are vital in helping to shed and direct water away from your roof, siding, and foundation, controlling water flow and depositing it safely to the ground below. When it comes to gutters not every type of gutter system is created equal. Seamless aluminum gutters are a durable, high-quality material perfect for King County’s Northwest climate. Just like with roofing material, the size and pitch of your roof will dictate whether the smaller 5k or larger 6k gutter will be the best fit for your home.  The Larger 6k gutter system allows for 40% more water capacity to get water off your roof faster without the threat of overflowing due to an overwhelmed gutter system. Another key feature of the 6K gutter is the larger 3x4 downspout which allows for more roof debris to pass through the downspouts without clogging them. This is a great element for homes that have trees surrounding them. Featuring a range of color options, seamless aluminum gutters are a quick and painless way to update the look of your home and upgrade the exterior of your home!

To keep your roof looking new and your whole system functioning at its best Valentine Roofing recommends an annual our biannual roof maintenance program. Moss is prevalent here in Federal Way, WA. It can take hold of a roof in less than a year and what’s more, can start causing damage almost immediately. While roof shingles often include an algae-resistant component, this component is not considered effective against moss. Valentine Roofing keeps moss at bay by gently agitating areas on the roof where moss has already built up. Once moss has been agitated the roofing service technician will blow off any remaining debris to clear the roof of leaves, needles and other organic material. To ensure that the gutters systems are allowing for proper water flow our service technician will clean out the gutter trough as well as the gutter downspouts. Finally, an inhibitor will be added to the roof to kill any remaining moss and algae as well as prevent it from returning for up to one year. Every service includes a comprehensive roof inspection to identify anything noteworthy on your roof as well as before and after pictures, you will see the difference! When it comes to roof cleaning, a reputable roofing contractor like Valentine Roofing is always the best choice.

Federal Way is Washington’s 10th largest city with a large city government to match. Large city governments often mean strict permitting and policies for construction of any kind, including roofing. Government red tape can be difficult to maneuver, especially when you are not used to that government’s specific way of doing business. Valentine Roofing is the Federal Way roofing contractor that recognizes the importance of a great city relationship and works hand in hand with the Federal Way Building Department. From applying for the roofing permits to scheduling inspections, Valentine Roofing employees work behind the scenes to make every Federal Way roofing project flow seamlessly. 

It is also important that your local roofing company be properly licensed, bonded and insured. Valentine Roofing is not a fly-by-night roofer. We take our craft, our industry and your home very seriously. We go beyond state-mandated licensing and have a relationship with the RCAW (Roofing Contractor Association of Washington) because we know every project is someone’s home. Valentine Roofing stays up to date with industry trends as well as safety and installation training. Working directly with manufacturers, our employees stay in the loop about roofing materials, attic ventilation codes and attic insulation recommendations. We specialize in residential roof replacements so that we can perfect our techniques. We love residential roofing so much we went so far as to create the Valentine Signature Look. Every roof install showcases straight and clean lines, color matching roofing accessories and very specific installation down to the way each flashing is bent, guaranteeing you a quality roof, every time. 

Recognizing that every project is someone’s home, a quality roof is important and customer service is possibly even more so. Great customer service is why we developed the Valentine Experience. Our employees provide seamless communication from the first phone call to your final wrap up call. Communication is important throughout your project; we will communicate project and scheduling details before we ever start your roofing project and a dedicated project manager will communicate daily once we have begun. Valentine Roofing site foremen and crews are specifically trained to clean each job site daily as well as at the end of the project providing every home with a meticulous cleanup. From waste containers on-site to magnetic nail sweeps we take to clean up very seriously. Wherever we can with each project, we will go the extra mile, like protecting your landscaping or prized azalea bushes. Our roof repair Leak Stop Guarantee is another way we go the extra mile for every Valentine Roofing customer. We strive to make a positive impact on each project and with every single customer. 

Exceptional customer experience is the reason behind our free estimates which we promise to have in your hand in about an hour. A professional Valentine Roofing estimator will provide you with relevant information to make an educated decision about your roof and your home. Starting with a thorough evaluation of your roof and your attic, a Valentine Roofing estimator will gather the information they need about your preferences, your roof’s needs and even your neighborhood regulations to put together a thorough estimate that you can understand. Every estimate includes our best price forward, right from the start, so you never have to worry about haggling or unrealistic bids from Valentine Roofing. 

From the quality of the install or roofing service to our exceptional customer experience, you will notice the difference with Valentine Roofing’s level of care. Valentine Roofing is your full-service Federal Way roofing company that will always put you and your home first. Give yourself the gift of the Valentine Experience and call your local branch Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm or fill out the submission form below. We always recommend to GET THREE BIDS, JUST MAKE SURE ONE OF THEM IS VALENTINE ROOFING!®

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