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Hey it’s Spring! Here’s How to Extend the Life of Your Roof With an Annual Roof Cleaning

Spring is officially here, and that means SPRING CLEANING! As you prepare for the next season and work on your home improvement goals, don’t forget about your roof! A simple annual cleaning can drastically extend the life of your roof and keep it looking beautiful all year long. Valentine Roofing’s annual maintenance plan will keep your roof performing at its best by removing debris and moss, treating moss and algae, cleaning your gutters, and by providing a comprehensive inspection and report, as well as before and after photos of your clean roof.

Moss, algae, and debri can and will wreak havoc on your roof if left unchecked. Moss and algae growth will lead to damaged/warped shingles, shingle discoloration, and granule loss. Moss and algae growth allow spaces to form underneath shingles which let in water, resulting in rotting plywood, leaks in your attic, and mold growth. A severely neglected roof will often need replacement due to rotting roof decking or leaks as a result of unmaintained moss and algae growth. Think of it like your car, if you neglect routine maintenance and oil changes, your car will eventually break down; your roof is no different.

It’s important to always hire a professional residential contractor who will clean your roof the proper way. Valentine Roofing offers a professional cleaning service which includes debris and moss removal, moss and algae treatment, gutter cleaning, a comprehensive inspection and report, and of course before and after photos of your roof. We will never use highly pressurized water or bleach to clean your roof, but rather efficient modern techniques that will not damage but enhance it’s durability over time.

Visit our Cleaning Page to learn more and to schedule your cleaning today, starting at just $495.