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Revel in a clean roof

To keep your roof looking and performing its best, roof cleaning and annual maintenance is recommended. The Valentine Roofing roof cleaning and maintenance program includes debris and moss removal, treatment, gutter cleaning as well as before and after photos so you can see the difference a roof cleaning and moss removal will make. Eliminate costly repairs from lack of maintenance with regular roof and gutter cleanings.

Brick two story home with cleaned roof, other homes, trees and plants and Puget Sound in background.Two story brick home with a moss infested roof. Trees, plants and shrubs, other homes and with mountains and the Puget Sound in background.

Features and Benefits

In the Puget Sound, moss and algae can start growing on just about any surface, especially your roof. If left unchecked moss and other organic material can cause real damage to your shingles. Prevent moss roots from causing shingles to lift while avoiding shingle decomposer caused by algae and bacteria. Elongate the life of your roof with a roof cleaning and moss removal service today.

Clear downspouts and gutters will prevent the backflow of water on to your roof and overflow of water onto your homes’ siding and foundation. Gutter cleaning will effectively safeguard against roof leaks, soil erosion, and siding damage. Valentine Roofing will protect your investment with a gutter cleaning.

Real estate professionals along with remodeling and home experts agree that curb appeal is a major factor when selling your home. Having a show worthy roof adds curb appeal to your home and a great looking roof gives potential home buyers confidence in the durability of your home. Elevate your home's curb appeal with a roof cleaning by Valentine Roofing.

Most homeowners can't see most of or part of their roof, so how do they know that moss was removed or that the gutter cleaning happened? Valentine Roofing solves this problem by providing before and after photos for every roof cleaning service. We are always proud to show homeowners our work!

Roof Cleaning Options

Most homes in the Pacific Northwest should have their roof checked and maintained annually. Moss removal and algae prevention are key factors in shingle and roof health. For most Puget Sound homes we typically recommend our Standard Program: a Valentine Roofing technician comes out once each year to ensure your roof is always in good condition. For those homes with excessive tree cover or that are in areas with high wind gusts and are subject to heavier storm damage, we recommend our Deluxe Program.

A roofing technician will be out semi-annually with our Deluxe Program for roof cleaning and to inspect your roof, ensuring that your roof is clear of debris and in good shape year-round, even after a big storm. If you are looking to sell your home or just want your shingles to look new again, a onetime roof cleaning is a great and affordable way to enhance your home’s beauty. For added value continue your service by opting for one of Valentine Roofing’s maintenance programs and never climb a ladder for roof cleaning again!


Annual Maintenance

  • Keep your roof looking great
  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Protect your investment
  • Elongate the life of your roof
  • Identify concerns before they become a problem
  • Roof cleaned 1 to 2 times each year
  • Starting at $329

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One Time Cleaning

  • Improve curb appeal and home aesthetics
  • Minimize damage caused by moss
  • Conserve gutter system function
  • Remove algae before it breaks down roofing materials
  • Jump start your outdoor to-do list
  • Free virtual estimates
  • Starting at $549

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Valentine Roofing will

with a roof cleaning.

Whether you plan to sell your home or want to keep your roof looking and performing at its highest potential a roof cleaning and moss removal service is a great value. An estimate is always free and painless. Ask our local office about the benefits of roof cleaning or annual maintenance program for your home today!

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I have my roof pressure washed?

Pressure washing is never recommended for cleaning your roof. Shingle manufacturers specifically indicate that pressure should never be used to clean your shingles. Pressure washing does not kill algae and left untreated the moss and algae will return quickly to your roof. You also run the risk of causing irreparable damage to the shingles themselves. Pressure washing will loosen granules which can cause shingles to prematurely fail. The water pressure can also lift shingles, breaking the seal between shingles and allowing a path for future leaks. Valentine Roofing always recommends moss removal by gentle agitation using a roof brush to prevent granule loss and shingle lift, followed by a moss and algae treatment will ensure they stay gone.


How much does a roof cleaning cost?

The cost of a roof cleaning will vary depending on the type of roofing material as well as the size and pitch of the roof. A roofing contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured will likely charge in the mid-hundreds for most roof cleaning. At Valentine Roofing a onetime roof cleaning starts at $549 while our annual roof cleaning and maintenance starts at $329, a great value.

Can I perform a roof cleaning myself?

A roofing contractor familiar with the roofing material and manufacturer recommendations, like Valentine Roofing, is always the best choice when it comes to roof cleaning and moss removal. You can rest assured that a roofing contractor will have the proper equipment, training, and tools to safely and effectively clean your roof.


Does rain wash away the moss and algae treatment on my roof?

While it may seem that the rain is washing away any treatment left on your roof to kill moss and algae it is helping the process. The rain will bring the treatment down the roof covering the shingles as the treatment mixes with rainwater. This is an effective way to guarantee that all your shingles get an even distribution of treatment and provide weeks of treatment ensuring any remaining moss is killed.