Moss and Debris Removal

Existing moss is agitated with a wire brush which will remove over 80% of the existing moss. Then we will blow off the moss and roof debris followed by cleaning out your gutters and downspouts.

Key Points

  • We use a wire brush to agitate and remove existing moss.
  • Then we blow off the roof with air, not water.

Moss Treatment

We will apply our moss and algae treatment to kill the remaining moss that didn’t come off with the wire brush. This may take a few weeks as the rain will naturally bring the moss treatment down the entire roof.

Key Points

  • It may take weeks for all the existing moss to die.
  • Rain water will aid in the moss treatment.

Full Inspection & Report

As with our annual maintenance service, we will thoroughly inspect your entire roof system and supply you with a same-day comprehensive report of your roof and the service we performed. This will include before and after photos so you can see the difference. We will also perform a full clean up of the grounds.

Key Points

  • You receive before and after photos
  • We inspect your roof system for damages

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