Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a lightweight, strong and long-lasting material that can be installed on steep slopes and low slopes

Meet your new metal roof

Metal roofing is a lightweight, strong and long-lasting material that can be installed on steep slopes and low slopes.

Valentine Roofing offers durable standing seam metal panels that come in a variety of colors and finishes that will bring beauty and vibrancy to any Puget Sound area home. Metal roofing is a long-lasting and low maintenance option that is weather ready year-round.

Features and Benefits

Metal roofing systems are a great option for many Pacific Northwest area homes. Metal roofs have a long life span due to the strength of the material itself. A well maintained metal roof system can last anywhere from 30 to 70 years depending on which material is used.

70 Years

Potential lifespan

Another advantage that metal roofing offers is durability. Metal roofing holds up against high winds (up to 120mph) and tends to be less prone to cracking, erosion, and can often be more resistant to impact than other roofing materials.


Potential wind resistance

Metal roofs are also fire resistant and consequently will not spark and ignite into flames during a wildfire or lightning strike. Another major benefit that metal roofing systems offer is the ease of maintenance. Cleaning a metal roofing system is typically much faster and easier than cleaning a traditional composition shingle roof.


Potential cooling cost reduction

Another huge advantage that metal roofing offers is energy efficiency. Standing seam metal roofing reflects solar radiant heat which can help reduce cooling costs up to 25% on average.


Potential amount of recycled materials used

In addition, metal roofing is also an environmentally conscious option. Metal roofs are often made up of 25 to 95% recycled materials and at the end of their life-cycle are 100% recyclable.

Metal Roofing Options

We install high quality metal roofing panels sourced from Nu-Ray Metals, our local metal supplier based in Auburn, Washington. We offer a variety of panel, color, and finish options so that you can choose the right fit for your home and budget. We install both the NRM-1000 and NRM-2000 panel nofollowsystems. The NRM-1000 is an excellent architectural metal roofing system that looks gorgeous on Pacific Northwest area homes. The NRM-2000 panel system is ideal for low-slope applications and looks beautiful on both small and large homes. All panels we carry feature a D2 Kynar 500® finish which adds resistance to chalking, pitting, chipping, and premature aging. The Kynar finish is a high-performance fluoropolymer resin, with an incredible capability to retain color and gloss, which keeps painted metal panels looking gorgeous for years to come. In addition, Valentine Roofing offers the same Kynar finish with an added Ocean Guard coating which is ideal for homes located near salt water or the sound. Ocean Guard will protect your roof from rust and corrosion brought on by salt water. This coating will prolong the life of your metal roof and help protect your investment over time.

Selected color options

  • New Metal "Tahoe Blue" Roof on a 2-story home

  • Dark Bronze Metal Roof on a two story house.

  • New Metal "Leaf Green" Roof on a 2-story home

  • Weathered Copper colored metal roof on a two-story home.

  • Colonial Red Metal Roof on top of a 2 story home.

  • Metal Roofing, "Matte Black" in color on a two story home.

Mechanical seamed panel
ideal for low slope roofs
1.5" rib height


  • Mechanically seamed
  • Superb panel for architectural, commercial and industrial roof applications
  • Great load and span capacities


  • 24 gauge
  • 26 gauge

Traditional narrow rib design
1.5" rib height


  • Excellent panel for architectural, commercial and industrial roof applications
  • Narrow rib design
  • Great load and span capacities


  • 24 gauge
  • 26 gauge

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several misconceptions about metal roofing systems. Let us put your mind at ease and better explain why these shouldn’t deter you from choosing metal as your roofing material.


Aren't metal roofs noisy?

People often worry that having a metal roof will mean that there will be a lot of noise inside the home from raindrops on the metal roof. A well insulated home with a metal roof will often not have any extra noise from rain hitting the roof when compared to a standard composite roof.


Are metal roofs colder than composition roofs?

Many think that when it snows or temperatures are extremely cold outside the home that a metal roof will cause the interior of the home to be colder than normal. The temperature factor inside your home depends entirely on the home’s insulation. You may be surprised to know that many Puget Sound area homes are not properly insulated. Having your home’s insulation upgraded by a professional can often reduce energy costs by as much as 25%. Valentine Roofing now installs Owens Corning blown-in attic insulation. Head over to our Insulation page to find out more.


Will a metal roof attract lightning?

While metal is a conductor, it does not actually “attract” lightning. In the event a metal roof is struck by a lightning strike, the metal works to disperse energy safely through the structure of your home, and more importantly, metal is noncombustible.


Is a metal roof easily damaged by hail?

Another common misconception is that metal roofs are easily damaged by hail during a storm. When hail is large enough, it can damage any type of roof, but metal roofing is structurally stronger than other materials. Asphalt shingles have weatherproofing granules that can easily be knocked off during a hailstorm. Most hail will not dent or damage metal roofing unless there are extreme conditions.

Metal roofing is for your home.

Metal roofing systems can be aesthetically pleasing as well as long lasting and can provide many benefits that can outweigh traditional composition shingle roofs as well as wood shake roofs. At Valentine Roofing, we are proud to be a local residential metal roofing contractor who installs the highest quality standing seam metal roofing systems. As the premier local residential roofing contractor, we understand the regions we work in and the unique climate and surroundings that shape life here in the Pacific Northwest. At Valentine we are always here to answer your roofing questions. Contact us through our website or phone Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. And don’t forget... Get three bids, just make sure one of them is Valentine Roofing! ®

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