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Valentine Roofing, Western Washington's #1 Residential Roofing Contractor provides homeowners the very best experience in new composite roof replacements.
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Meet Your Composition Roof

Valentine Roofing, Western Washington's #1 residential Roofer, offers composite roof installation with a wide variety of shingle color choices that will pair beautifully on any Pacific Northwest home. Composition roofing is cost effective, easy to install year round, and will hold up beautifully throughout the years with routine annual maintenance.

We proudly install Duration® Series shingles by Owens Corning, a Valentine Roofing industry partner and an industry leader for more than 75 years. The Owens Corning and Valentine Roofing brands are synonymous with a reputation and attention to quality many have come to appreciate. As the most recognized brand in roofing products, Owens Corning is on the forefront of innovation, bringing increased quality, efficiency, and safety through the products they offer. The quality and warranty offered by Owens Corning are unparalleled and add tremendous value and protection to a home.













Features and Benefits

Composition roofing is an excellent roof replacement option for Western Washington homes. Composition shingles perform well and will pair with almost any style of home. Composition roof systems can last an upwards of 20 to 30 years depending on the shingle installed and if routine maintenance is followed.

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Another key advantage of a composite roof is that they are extremely robust and durable even under the harshest weather conditions we face here in Washington state. Some architectural shingles, like the Duration® shingle series installed by Valentine Roofing, can withstand winds up to 130 mph without sustaining major damage or becoming dislodged.

130 mph

Can withstand winds up to 130 mph

According to The National Association of the Remodeling Industry's remodeling impact report, an investment in a new roof is one of the best ways to improve the value of your home. In fact, in the Puget Sound area a new roof replacement project can provide a 109% return on the cost of the roof, placing a new roof in the top 5 best ROI projects for home improvement.

Potential new roof ROI

Asphalt shingles come in a large variety of color options allowing you to find the perfect color to match your home’s aesthetic. The Duration® line of shingles proudly installed by Valentine Roofing, comes in 18 possible color choices.

Products Offered

The difference between a good shingle and a great shingle isn’t always obvious, but with their patented SureNail Technology®, a limited lifetime warranty, and superior wind resistance (up to 130 mph); Duration® Series shingles by Owens Corning stand above the rest. In addition, Owens Corning has received the Women’s Choice Award several years in a row for being a trusted and recommended business by women across America.

Valentine Roofing installs the highest quality materials available in the roofing industry. As a premiere Northwest residential roofer, we install Owens Corning Duration® Series Shingles. The Duration® line comes in over 18 colors like Onyx Black, Estate Gray, and Teak, allowing a homeowner to pair the right shingles with the exterior design of their home. These shingles are made to be incredibly durable while adding dimension and contrast, contrary to other comparable shingle products.

The Duration® shingle has received the highest rating of any composite shingle, in the architectural category of the roof materials market by Consumer Reports in their January 2020 release. When rated, the Duration series shingle received an excellent rating in three of four categories including Wind, Nailing, and Impact. What makes the Duration series superior to other shingle options is the patented technology from Owens Corning, such as SureNail Technology® with wind resistance of up to 130 mph.

Duration® shingles feature high contrast, monochromatic hues in a wide range of colors.


The patented SureNail Technology® by Owens Corning is what makes the Duration shingle superior. SureNail features a wide, highly visible engineered fabric strip in the nailing area of the shingle for a consistent and correct installation. A two times wider common bond area allows for two times the bond strength, combined with three layer protection provides exceptional strength and wind resistance up to 130 mph. In addition, the SureNail strip allows for a more efficient installation because the wide, highly visible nailing area allows the roofer to more consistently and accurately install the shingles.

Composition roofing shingles with close-ups of shingle features.

A Partnership in Community

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The partnership between Valentine Roofing and Owens Corning goes beyond the roofing industry. Since 2018 we’ve proudly teamed up to provide new roofs, completely free of charge to individuals and families in need within our community. We believe in giving back, and this is one way we fulfill our mission to serve and care for our neighbors across the Pacific Northwest. By providing security for those in need through a new roof, we create a positive and long-lasting impact throughout the communities we live and work in. Owens Corning graciously donates the Duration series shingles for each project (a top quality roofing material), while Valentine Roofing expertly installs every new roof. We’re committed to going the extra mile by installing only the best roofing shingle available, ensuring the new roof will perform and look beautiful for years to come. By working together our partnership supports our local communities, bringing a spirit of positivity through action.

Composition roofing systems are

option for your home.

Valentine Roofing is committed to offering nothing but the best quality and service in the residential roofing industry to every neighbor and friend we work with. Through this commitment we have been recognized by Owens Corning, a pioneer and leader of our industry as a Platinum Preferred Contractor. This means that we are in the top 2% of all roofing contractors across the United States. Owens Corning defines their Platinum Preferred Contractors as the “the top tier of a premier network of roofing professionals dedicated to service, reliability and professional craftsmanship. They meet high standards and satisfy strict requirements — all to give you peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right contractor for the job.” In Addition to this endorsement, we are a proud member of the RCAW (Roofing Contractors Association of Washington). As a member of the RCAW we are held to the strictest professional and ethical standards of any residential or commercial roofer across the state of Washington. With Valentine Roofing, you are choosing a local professional residential contractor with the brand recognition and quality to stand behind - delivering a picture perfect roof each and every time.

As a top tier roofing company, Valentine Roofing installs only the highest quality composite roof systems. We serve eight counties across the Puget Sound region, truly making us the near me residential roofing contractor of Western Washington. When you need a professional licensed contractor that specializes in residential roof replacements, roof repairs (Leak Stop Guarantee), roof cleanings, and gutter installation; Valentine Roofing is ready to help bring the vision for your home to life. To receive the roof you and your home deserve, contact us through our website or by phone Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. And don’t forget... Get three bids, just make sure one of them is Valentine Roofing!®


Frequently Asked Questions


How long will a composite roof last?

Most composite roofs in the Pacific Northwest are replaced every 17-22 years. The lifespan of your roof greatly depends on the upkeep. The Seattle area's weather and the proximity to trees for most homes, will require regular servicing. Routine annual maintenance provided Valentine Roofing will ensure your roof will perform at its best while looking beautiful year-round.


How much does a composite roof cost?

The price of your roof will vary based on the size (total square footage), pitch, and which material is chosen. Valentine Roofing can provide a free and detailed estimate in about an hour so that you can make the best decision for your family and home.


What's the difference between shingles?

There are two other major shingle types available in today's market such as three tab and luxury shingles, featuring the pumpkin-tooth design. Unlike a thicker laminated architectural shingle, the three tab version only consists of one layer of material making it much more prone to penetration and blow off. Luxury shingles are the heaviest and thickest by far, making them very durable but also much heavier and higher in cost. In the Northwest we’ve begun to see a shift away from the more expensive and antiquated luxury shingle, and it has since been replaced with the much more cost effective and technologically advanced architectural shingle.


Can I Install my own composite roof?

We always recommend hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured, professional roofing contractor. Roofing requires a highly trained and skilled set of hands. By hiring a professional you can take comfort in knowing that your new investment is being installed correctly, efficiently, and will stand the test of time. We provide full time employment for all of our expert employees. Every crew is led by a site foreman who will ensure the installation goes smoothly. In addition we have dedicated experience managers who will coordinate the logistics of the project from start to finish.

Are composite, composition, asphalt, laminate, and fiberglass shingles all the same?

The simple answer is yes. They are essentially all the same type of shingle. Fiberglass is used to reinforce and hold the shingle together, whereas asphalt is used to add water resistance and waterproof the material. These terms are used interchangeably in the roofing industry, but they all refer to the same product.


Will the color of my shingle affect my home’s resale value?

Yes, it absolutely can. It’s best to pick a neutral color when thinking of the resale value of your home. It’s been found that neutral and darker colored shingles are more appealing to buyers. When selecting a color, it's often ideal to correspond the shingle color with the siding, gutter, and trim that accents your home.


Can the color of my roof affect my home’s internal temperature?

It can, but there are ways to minimize this effect. While the outdoor temperature may be 70 degrees, a darker colored shingle will conduct heat at a higher temperature down into the attic and rooms below. By choosing a lighter color shingle you can potentially lessen the heat absorption of your roof, reducing the temperature and creating a more efficient system. This all largely depends on if your home’s attic is properly insulated and has healthy air flow. A properly ventilated attic allows for constant airflow which translates to better efficiency of the home’s heating and cooling system, as well as the prevention of mold and mildew formation due to moisture buildup. A properly insulated attic works seamlessly with your roof to create a system designed to protect the home. Most single-family homes in the Pacific Northwest are under-insulated according to the standards set in place by the Department of Energy. Valentine Roofing offers removal and replacement of attic insulation as well as simple top-offs to existing insulation. By updating your home’s attic with new blown-in attic insulation, you ensure your entire roof system is performing at its best.

Does the shingle brand I install on my roof really matter?

It sure does! There are many shingle manufacturers producing a wide variety of shingles at various levels of quality. Not every shingle is made for every climate and roof. Homes here in the Pacific Northwest see much more rain and high winds than other portions of the country. Using a shingle designed for the Northwest climate with superior protection is the best way to ensure your home is protected by a product that will hold up for years. At Valentine Roofing we proudly install Owens Corning Duration Series shingles. The Duration shingle consists of three layers of material protection and features patented SureNail Technology which provides superior wind resistance (up to 130 mph) and stopping power.