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View of a tall three-story house with white siding and a brown roof. Trees are visible and a lawn with bushes is visible in front of the house.Valentine Roofing is the local professional Sumner, Washington roofing contractor committed to providing the best quality and service to each and every customer and home in Sumner and all of Pierce County. As a trusted full-service Sumner roofing contractor we specialize in expert roof replacements, roof repairs, roof cleaning, roof inspections, gutter installation, attic insulation install, and more. The city of Sumner has a history that dates back to the mid 1800s when George H. Ryan originally platted the land in preparation for an upcoming Northern Pacific Railway stop. The city was originally found by the Kincaid wagon train which passed the Sumner area heading South in 1853 from the Cascade mountains on their expedition. What started as a prevalent agricultural community, especially with Daffodils has since blossomed into a spirited community of families and professionals from around the region. Sumner has over 10,000 residents calling the city home and was officially incorporated in 1891. Sumner has seen consistent growth with a 10.69% population increase since 2010.

Located roughly 30 miles south of Seattle with a median age of 35, Sumner is a popular location for commuting professionals and those who like things at a slightly slower pace. Over 51% of Sumner residents own their home versus renting monthly, with a median house price of about $282,000. The city of Sumner is an outdoor lovers paradise for its easy access to Mount Rainier, Lake Tapps, The Foothills Trail, and various other natural attractions. Sumner is a Puget Sound favorite for its homey small-town feel. From old eclectic vintage stores, to the fields of local farms, to new coffee shops bustling with creativity and ideas - Sumner gleams with the possibility of tomorrow. According to AreaVibes, Sumner has a livability score of 79 out of 100 and comes in as the 47th best-ranked city in Washington. Sumner ranks 86% better than other areas and has excellent ratings for its housing, schools, and amenities. Real estate prices are 10% lower compared to other areas making Sumner one of the more affordable cities in the Puget Sound region. Like most cities in the Pacific Northwest, Sumner experiences heavy rain, wind, and winter storms, with our winters being especially cold and wet. 

View from the street of a brick building in Sumner, WA containing two adjacent shops. One is an antique shop and a one is a jewelers shop.

Having a roof system capable of efficiently handling all of the elements while protecting you and your family is critical. We have a team of highly trained roofing and home improvement specialists ready to help bring the vision you have for your home to life. Our estimators, project managers, and site foreman will be there every step of the way to ensure you receive the best customer experience possible. We’ll always make our best recommendation from the start to fit the budget and needs of your project. Whether it’s time to upgrade your gutters, attic insulation, or you’re in need of a roof replacement - Valentine Roofing is the local Sumner, WA roofing contractor dedicated to providing you and your home with the best service in the residential roofing industry.

Valentine Roofing is a full-service residential roofing contractor that specializes in installing and maintaining a variety of roofing materials for homes all over the Puget Sound. Whether you’re seeking the classic look of a composition shingle, the sleekness and energy efficiency of PVC, or the vibrant look of modern metal roofing panels - Valentine roofing has the expert team and knowledge to deliver a beautiful project each and every time.

As the premiere Sumner, WA roofing contractor we proudly install only the best roofing shingles available on the market from our industry partner and leader, Owens Corning. The Duration series shingle line offers incredible durability and protection and outperforms nearly any comparable shingle in multiple areas. Consumer Reports named the Duration shingle as the top-performing shingle in the market in their January 2020 issue for its superior abilities in the areas of wind, impact, and nailing. With over 14 color options to choose from like Estate Gray, Driftwood, and Desert Tan - the Duration line pairs beautifully with the aesthetic of nearly any Pierce County area home. Composite roofs are very cost-effective, appealing to nearly any style of home, easily maintained by a professional roofer.

Metal roof systems are also an excellent and popular choice here in the Pacific Northwest and offer exceptional protection for the weather elements while adding a modern vibrancy that can truly transform the entire home and make it stand out boldly. Metal roofing panels are ideal for homes with a low or steep slope and can be easily installed throughout the year by a professional roofing contractor like Valentine Roofing. We install 24 and 26 gauge thick standing seam metal panels from our local metal supplier which are available in both pencil striated or pencil ribbed options and come in a wide range of colors like Leaf Green, Dark Bronze, and Black. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in Western Washington for their easy maintainability and potential lifespan of over 50 years. Metal roofing systems are often touted as the “last roof you will ever replace”. If proper annual roof maintenance is followed, it’s very unlikely you would ever need to replace a metal roof again, making metal roofing a worthy investment for long term homeowners. In addition, metal roofing panels can be paired with composite shingles to create a more cost-effective “combination” style roof which offers a bold and unique look many desire.

We offer high-quality PVC roofing which is ideal for homes that feature a low or flat sloped roof. PVC roofs are UV/heat resistant, naturally fire-resistant, and are easily maintained year-round. Valentine Roofing installs all PVC roofs using a heat welding method which creates a seamless waterproof barrier over your roof and home. PVC roofs are sleek, cost-effective, and modern roofing options available in three staple colors to easily pair with your home’s theme.

A man kneeling on top of a roof next to the edge. He is using an utility knife to trim the edge of the roof shingles.

We're no stranger to the unpredictable weather conditions we all experience here in Western Washington throughout the year. Many homeowners find themselves unprepared and in bind when a leak occurs, especially in the cold months. With this in mind we developed our exclusive roof repair Leak Stop Guarantee program which essentially protects you and your home in the event of a leak. If you have a leak in your old roof at any point while waiting for your new roof to be installed, we will come to your home and secure that leak until the new Valentine roof can be installed safely. This will prevent potential further damage to your roof, attic, and home giving you peace of mind that once you hire Valentine Roofing as your roofing contractor, your home is in safe and skilled hands.

Waiting or putting off repairing your roof can often lead to serious damage that is easily avoidable. Don't wait or put off your roof repair until the next season, Valentine Roofing has you covered with our roof repair Leak Stop Guarantee program.

Our team of dedicated roofing professionals and home improvement specialists are committed to providing an exceptional and hassle-free customer service experience to each and every Sumner, WA and Pierce County resident. Contact Valentine Roofing today for a fast and free estimate on all your roofing, gutter, and home improvement project needs. Valentine Roofing - the local residential roofing contractor serving Sumner, WA and all of the Puget Sound region.

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