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Ariel view of the burien puget sound shoreline under hazy clouded sky.Valentine Roofing is the trusted local residential roofing contractor serving Burien and all of King County, WA specializing in roof replacement, roof cleaning, and gutter installation. As the premier Burien roofer, we’re committed to offering nothing but the best quality of workmanship and customer service experience to each and every neighbor and friend. The city of Burien has a history dating back to the early homestead days of the mid 1800’s. Originally an agricultural town referred to as “Sunnydale” by locals, the city of Burien has since transformed into a vibrant community of more than 51,000 residents with a wide variety of professions and lifestyles. The city was officially incorporated in 1993 due to wide voter approval and the expansion of the third runway at Seatac airport. Burien is located just 14 miles south of downtown Seattle, Washington and covers an 11 mile stretch of land from Three Tree Point to the South Park neighborhood. The population of Burien has been on a steady incline since World War 1 with a large increase in the aerospace industry as well as the proximity to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and continues to see a 1.17% year over year growth. The median household income for Burien in 2017 was $60,732 which is up nearly 11% from the previous year. 54% of residents own their home and medium property value is at an affordable yet strong $351,100. Burien is a family community with nearly 50% of residents having kids under the age of 18. Burien is home to many natural outdoor attractions such as Seahurst Park and Salmon Creek Ravine Park to name a few. Burien has a large amount of parks with playgrounds, trails, picnic tables, water access, and facilities open to the community making it an excellent home for families who enjoy the beauty of the Puget Sound scenery. Burien ranks 37% better than other areas for livability with an A+ rating in amenities. Burien ranks 8th in most diverse suburbs of Washington and 122nd out of 6,800 suburbs nationally. Receiving an overall rating of B by Niche.com, Burien’s schools, nightlife, outdoor activities, and diversity among other things make it an extremely attractive place to settle for young professionals and families.

Much like other cities along the Puget Sound coast, Burien experiences heavy rainfall and storms in the winter months which are typically very cold and wet. The importance of having a roofing system that can handle the elements adequately, keeping you and your family safe throughout the year is key. We know the Pacific Northwest well and understand that every homeowner and home has unique needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you bring your home improvement visions to life while keeping your home protected through every season. We will provide our expert roofing recommendations so that you can make the best decision for your home and budget. Whether you’re simply looking to upgrade your gutters, attic insulation, or are in need of a roof replacement - Valentine Roofing is your local Burien residential roofing contractor offering the best in both quality and service.

As a full-service residential roofing contractor, Valentine Roofing specializes in installing a wide range of materials to fit the style and geographical needs of each and every King County home. When envisioning your new roof, the sky is truly the limit. Whether you’re looking for the classic and approachable look of a composite roof, the vibrancy and modern flare of a metal roof, or the sleekness and sustainability of a PVC roof - our team of highly skilled estimators, project managers, and roofers are ready to bring your vision to life. We proudly install only the best composite shingles available from industry leader and partner, Owens Corning. The Duration Series shingle offers extreme protection and durability, surpassing comparable products in nearly every category. In fact, the Duration shingle was recently named the top-rated shingle by Consumer Reports in their January 2020 release. Out of every shingle tested, the Duration line performed best in wind, nailing, and impact. Offered in over 14 color choices like Shasta White, Onyx Black, and Brownwood - the Duration shingle pairs perfectly with any home. Composition roofs are cost-effective, widely appealing, and easily maintained, making it an excellent material choice for Pacific Northwest homes. Metal roofing systems are another popular choice here in the Puget Sound region and offer exceptional protection from the elements while offering a vibrant modern touch that can transform the entire look of a house. Metal roofing is especially ideal for homes that feature a steep or low slope and can be easily installed by a local metal roofing specialist like Valentine Roofing. The metal panels we install are available in both 24 and 26 gauge thicknesses in either pencil ribbed or striated styles and come in a wide array of colors like Leaf Green, Weathered Copper, and Tahoe Blue to fit the aesthetic of any Burien home. Metal roofs are also very popular here in the PNW because they are easily maintained and can last upwards of 50 years with routine annual roof maintenance. Metal roofs are often touted as the “last roof you will ever buy” because when installed properly and maintained, a metal roof will likely not need to be replaced again during your lifetime, making them an exceptional investment for long term homeowners. For those with a roof that is low sloped or completely flat, we offer a high-quality UV and heat resistant PVC roofing material designed to enhance and protect any King County home. PVC roofs by Valentine Roofing are installed using heat welding which creates a continuous waterproof barrier over your entire home. PVC roofs are sleek, energy-efficient, and cleaned easily in almost any season. Available in three staple colors, our PVC roof offering will complement and enhance the look of your home for years to come. 

Man wearing safety harness on top of a roof performing a new roof replacement. Neighbors homes, a partial view of a vehicle, trees and street in background.As a full-service residential contractor, we offer a wide range of home improvement related services such as roof cleaning, seamless gutter installation, attic insulation install, and more in addition to our roof replacement program. Valentine Roofing installs seamless aluminum rain gutters in 5k and 6k sizes available in 6 colors like Blue, Terratone, and Black allowing you to easily match your home’s existing style and color theme. Gutters can be easily overlooked but are essential to maintaining the integrity of your home’s foundation, siding, and more. A dilapidated gutter system can lead to serious damage if left unchecked. A seamless gutter system will help properly divert water off and away from your home. Our gutters come standard with a 10-year warranty giving you peace of mind that your new investment is protected over time.

A key part of a healthy roofing system is proper attic ventilation and adequate insulation levels. Many if not most Northwest homes are under-insulated according to the Department of Energy. Under insulation can lead to energy waste, drafts, and rapid fluctuations in temperature during cold and warm months. In addition, most insulation is not made from a robust synthetic material like the Pro-Cat LooseFill blown-in insulation we install by Owens Corning. Older insulation often attracts rodents and pests which can lead to a host of issues such a mold and mildew to name a few. Upgrading your home’s attic insulation can greatly increase your energy savings, by as much as 25% in fact. New blown-in synthetic attic insulation will create an effective barrier between your attic and home below, keeping temperatures right where you want them. Adding proper intake and outtake ventilation will also ensure that there is consistent airflow throughout your attic preventing condensation and moisture which can lead to the formation of mold and mildew.

With every completed roofing project, our team of quality control specialists will assess, sign off, and make any final recommendations before it passes what we call the Valentine Roofing signature look - an extremely high bar of excellence in the quality of workmanship performed. We also offer roof inspections to any homeowner looking to get a roof certification to put a home on the market, needing an expert third party opinion, or simply looking to determine the remaining lifespan and condition of a roof. A roof inspection is an excellent way to assess the overall condition of a roof a well as spot any problem areas that could be cause for concern. Our inspection will include a thorough assessment of both the interior and exterior of the roof and attic to assess its overall health. When completed you will receive a highly detailed report with images and information allowing you to make the best decision for your home and budget. 

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest can be very unpredictable. With this in mind we developed our roof repair Leak Stop Guarantee program which essentially means that if you have a leak in your old roof, we will come to your home and secure that leak until your brand new Valentine roof can be safely installed. This will prevent any further damage to your roof, attic, and home giving you peace of mind that once you hire us, your home is in safe and capable hands. 

Our team of expert roofers, technicians, estimators, and project managers are committed to providing every Burien home and resident with the best quality and service in the residential roofing industry. Contact us today for a fast and free estimate on all your roofing and home improvement project needs.

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