6K Gutters

The 6K gutter system features a 6-inch-wide trough allowing for greater water volumes to be removed efficiently from the home. Combining this larger gutter with a 3x4 downspout system will adequately regulate water runoff and is less likely to be overwhelmed by excessive rainfall or clogged by falling debris. The bigger system works great for steeper roof pitches and larger homes. Another great feature of the 6K gutter system is the ease of maintenance, due to the wider channel it is easier to fit hands and tools into the gutter for cleaning.

Key Points

  • Larger gutter system allows for better run off control
  • Best choice for steep pitched roof and larger homes
  • Easy to maintain

5k Gutters

The 5k gutter system is widely used for smaller and medium sized homes throughout the Puget Sound Region. Featuring a 5-inch-wide trough and 2x3 downspouts, the 5k system is ideal for roofs with less water runoff. Because this system requires less material is can be a cost-effective option for every budget.

Key Points

  • Most commonly used system in the Puget Sound
  • Good choice for smaller and medium sized homes
  • Cost effective

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