Seamless Rain Gutters

Seamless aluminum rain gutter systems are a great investment for your home.
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Introducing Your New Gutter System

Our gutter installation is a complete system to control water runoff, directing it away from your home and safely to the ground below. When installed as part of an entire roofing system gutters will protect the entire building from water penetration. Gutters will guard against unwanted water infiltration for years to come. Seamless, Aluminum gutters are a long lasting, easy to maintain gutter system that look great on any home!

Valentine Roofing gutter contractor inspecting new seamless gutter replacement.Clear blue sky.Rain CloudTransparent image of a rain cloud in Seattle, WAPartial view of a rain cloud.Partial view of a tree.Rain gutter installer on a ladder inspecting gutters.Professional gutter contractor inspecting a new installation of seamless, aluminum gutters.Partial view of a tree top.

Features and Benefits

Gutters are a great investment for any home and can increase both the cosmetic appeal as well as the resale value of the home. This type of home improvement often returns up to 83% on the initial investment back to the homeowner.


Potential return on investment

Aluminum gutter systems have one of the longest expected lifespans of all gutters systems, far outperforming vinyl systems. An aluminum gutter can last up to 20 years versus the expected 10 years from a vinyl gutter.

20 years

Potential lifespan

An aluminum gutter is far less prone to leaks than other types of gutters because it is a seamless system. Aluminum gutters are also less susceptible to cracking and sagging providing the best value for any home and come standard with a 10-year leak warranty.

10 years

Potential increased lifespan from hidden fasteners

Hidden fasteners add additional strength to a seamless aluminum gutter system as opposed to rain gutters that are held into place by a spike and ferrule. The more secure hold can sometimes improve the life of a system by up to 10 years.


Potential increased water runoff capacity

An upgraded 6” gutter system can handle up to 40% more water run off than the smaller 5” system. This system is great for steeper or larger roofs.

Rain Gutter Options

As a licensed, bonded and insured residential contractor, Valentine Roofing offers seamless, aluminum gutter systems custom made at your home. With five inch and six-inch trough options Valentine Roofing has the appropriate size gutter for every pitch and size of roof on any home throughout the Puget Sound region. All new gutters are properly sloped and built to last with hidden fasteners every 16 to 24 inches. This ensures water will flow properly through the gutter system and downspouts, preventing ponding and overflow. For the larger 6-inch gutter trough, Valentine Roofing offers a large 3x4 downspout that can handle the greater water volume while reducing the risk of clogging. Baked-on enamel finishes on your new gutters will add the perfect accent to your beautiful home and are available in a variety of color choices.

Selected color choices

  • Black Gutters

  • Musket Brown Gutters

6K Gutters
Robust gutter system designed for the Northwest


  • Accommodates larger 3x4" downspout
  • Greater water capacity
  • Perfect for steep slope or larger roofs
  • Wider gutter trough is easier to clean out

5K Gutters
Traditional gutter system chosen for most roofs


  • Traditional 2x3" downspout
  • Low-profile blends in with existing roofline
  • Works great for smaller roofs
  • Most commonly used in the Northwest

Rain Gutter Gallery

Seamless rain gutters

for your home.

A seamless aluminum gutter installation is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your home while improving curb appeal. Valentine Roofing proudly installs seamless gutters systems that are designed to handle the ever-changing Puget Sound weather. For more information about the right system for your home contact us on our website or call us at 206-575-7656, Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm. When it comes to any home project… Get three bids, just make sure one of them is Valentine Roofing! ®

Frequently Asked Questions


Are 5 or 6-inch gutters more effective?

Most homes in the Pacific Northwest feature 5-inch gutter systems as standard. However, many homeowners have started upgrading to a 6-inch system because it can handle up to 40% more water flow than its smaller counterpart. An additional benefit to a 6-inch rain gutter system is the oversized downspout which allows for more debris to pass through without causing clogs.


How do I maintain rain gutters?

While Seamless gutter systems are easy to maintain it is important to clean them at least once per year. For systems without a guard it essential to remove any dirt and debris from the system to keep water flowing to prevent it spilling back onto the roof or siding. Part of any annual maintenance should include checking that the gutters are still sloped correctly, and everything is properly attached. A residential contractor that specializes in gutters will have the equipment and knowledge to best maintain rain gutters.


Are gutter systems worth the money?

When deciding on gutter replacements for your home it is important to consider all the benefits to get the most value out of your new gutters. Here in the Pacific Northwest a gutter system proves to be a necessary asset on rainy days. Besides protecting the roof and the overall structure of your home, rain gutters also prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion can lead to a litany of serious issues such as a settling foundation causing uneven floors, cracked walls and fractures in the chimney. In addition, seamless gutters are easier to maintain, last longer and return as much as 83% back to a homeowner in added home value. This makes a new gutter system one of the few home improvements options that will increase your home’s value along with improving the overall look of the home and providing whole home protection.


Which type of gutters are the best?

While it may seem beneficial to choose the cheapest option with gutters the lower upfront cost is often outweighed by additional costs down the road. Although vinyl gutters are less expensive than aluminum, it does not have nearly as long of a lifespan. Vinyl gutters are prone to cracking and are installed in sections while aluminum gutters are seamless. Consequently, aluminum gutters are less prone to leaking, reducing the potential for costly repairs in the future. When it comes to durability and value the aluminum gutter system is second to none.


When should I install new gutters?

Gutters are best installed during a new roof installation. This ensures the right flashings are in place before a gutter install improving the effectiveness the roof system in whole. Most gutters only last 10-20 years dependent on the type of gutter, material and workmanship. If you are replacing your roof or have not gotten new gutters within the last 20 years it is probably time to replace your rain gutters.


How are gutters attached to my home?

Hidden fasteners, also called hidden hangers, are the most popular way to install gutters. With this system the gutter is fastened directly to the fascia. Hidden fasteners are used every 16 to 24 inches on average and give the gutter its strength and support. Aptly named, hidden fasteners are concealed inside the gutters and are not visible from the ground, creating a more continuous look and amped up curb appeal.