The Valentine Roofing Experience

The Valentine Experience

6 things you need to know before replacing your roof

Roofing From a Bird’s Eye View

Roofing From a Bird’s Eye View

Watch: Time-Lapsed Full Roof Replacement

Watch: Time-Lapsed Full Roof Replacement

Valentine Roofing Testimonials

Valentine Roofing Testimonials

Interactive Roof Diagrams

  • Composite
  • PVC

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Ridge Vent Detail:

The end of the ridge cap is given a clean finish.

Ridge Vent:

This product is installed on the ridges. A gap is cut at the ridge to allow air to flow into the ridge vent and then out of the attic space.

Gutter Edge Metal:

This metal is installed at all gutter edges. It helps the water to run into the gutter and not down the fascia boards. This also enhances the look of the roof by providing a clean, straight edge.

Roof to Wall Metal:

This metal is installed under the siding and on top of the roof.


We install Safeguard 30® Hybrid Underlayment. This is five times stronger than a conventional 30 Lb. felt. It also lays flatter than felt paper, doesn’t blow off in high winds and provides much better traction for safer installations.

Chimney Flashing (Top):

As standard procedure we install new chimney flashing on both brick and wood siding chimneys.

Ridge Cap:

The ridge cap is installed on top of the ridge vent. This product should match the roof in color and thickness. Shown here is CertainTeed Mountain Ridge which is considered a “high-profile” ridge cap.

Roof Anchor:

This anchor is permanently installed and is used during the roofing process as a safety tie-off.

Drip Edge Metal:

This metal helps water drip off the roof without lingering on the fascia boards. This will prevent the fascia from rotting.

Sheeting (CDX/OSB):

CDX plywood is made of real wood veneer while OSB is an inferior version constructed with wood chips and glue.


The key is to have hot-dipped galvanized nails. These nails are corrosion and rust resistant.

Tubular Skylight:

Often referred to as “Sun Tunnels” or “Solatubes” this is an easy and inexpensive way to allow natural lighting into a dark hallway, closet or bathroom.

Fan Vent:

Shown here is a 4” flapper vent that has an internal flapper that only allows air to flow one direction.

Furnace Vent:

This vent connects to either a furnace or a hot water heater and is often referred to as a “B” vent. Depending on its condition, it can either be re-used or replaced during the roofing process.

Ice & Water Shield:

This specialized underlayment is installed around roof penetrations like vents and chimneys where extra protection is needed.

Plumbing Vent:

This is a lead plumbing vent cover with a lead cap. Lead is pliable and doesn’t rust, making it perfect for this application. The plumbing vent itself is a PVC pipe that extends through the roof. Its purpose is to allow air flow through the plumbing pipes.

Valley metal:

This metal is called “W Valley” because of the ridge running down the middle. The ridge prevents water from running across the metal and up the other side. Without valley metal, leaks in valley areas are very common.

Starter Course:

The starter course is made of composition roofing material. It is installed around all perimeter edges to prevent water saturation.

Chimney Flashing (bottom):

As standard procedure we install new chimney flashing on both brick and wood siding chimneys.

Step Flashing:

These are 8”x8” pieces of metal that are hand-bent to bridge the gap between siding and roof.

Close up:

The product used here is 60 mil PVC in the color gray.

Cap Metal:

This metal gives a finished look to the roof. The color chosen here was white.


We install Fanfold Underlayment for PVC roofs. This product serves as a vapor barrier while also smoothing out irregularities in the roof deck.

Membrane Breather:

This is a two-way breather vent employed to allow airflow between the roofing membrane and the roof deck.

Scupper Drain:

These drains go through the soffit area of the house and connect to the downspouts.

Screws and Plates:

The plates are barbed to stay in place. The PVC product is screwed into the roof deck.

Corner Detail:

Some up close welding detail.

Chimney Detail:

We replace the metal chimney flashing as standard procedure on most jobs. The PVC membrane runs up the sides of the chimney to prevent leaks.

Attic Vent:

This allows for attic ventilation.

Fan Vent:

These connect to the bathroom or kitchen fans from inside the house.

Plumbing Vent:

A pre-manufactured plumbing vent boot is installed around the existing plumbing vent pipe.


These pieces are reversible and can be used on inside or outside corners. One side is gray and the other white.

Common FAQs

We are here to answer your roofing questions.

How many bids should I get?

We recommend getting three bids.

Can I get a new roof in winter?

Absolutely! We are a Western Washington roofing company that works year-round and knows how to deal with challenging weather. We normally only need one decent weather day to tear off and “dry in” your roof. After that, it can rain all it wants and your home will stay cozy and dry while we finish installing your new roof.

What is your process for free estimates?

We provide free, detailed estimates that we print out and hand to you on-the-spot. This takes an hour or two, depending on your roof. Just to be safe, we ask that you set aside two hours. Our sales estimators are usually booked out 7-14 days for providing new estimates.

When can you start?

Any good roofing company should have a lead time of 4-12 weeks, depending on time of year. Demand is always high for our services; so, even though there are roofing companies that can start next week, we are worth the wait.

How long will it take to get a new roof?

This will depend on the size, pitch and complexity of your roof. Small to medium size houses usually take 1-3 days. Larger projects can take up to a week, or even more.

Do you have your own crews?

All of our crews are full-time, year-round, highly trained employees. We never subcontract and have very little turnover; in fact, many of our roofers have been with us for years. We always have a long list of roofer applicants, but we are very selective in our hiring. The best roofers want to have a career with us because we take excellent care of our employees.

Will your crews need to use my bathroom?

All of our crews have portable bathroom trailers that are branded and look just like tool trailers. We are one of the few roofing companies in the area to have this equipment.

What if my home currently has a leak?

We always try to move leaky roofs up on the schedule so they can be completed as soon as possible. Depending on weather and project lead time, it often makes sense for our repair team to implement a short-term fix until our roof replacement crew can start work.

What about gutters and skylights?

We recommend having your gutters and skylights replaced as part of your roofing project. Most customers who opt to not have their gutters and skylights replaced end up calling us within a year to get that work done.


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A+ with the BBB, A rating on Angie’s List, 5 stars on Google and winners of Angie’s List Super Service award for seven straight years!
I am very happy with your crew for the great job! They were very professional. I appreciate the thoroughness of the work done and the extra effort taken to protect my garden and landscaped areas. My experience was first class from start to finish!
A. Hansen
The crew leader was really helpful and answered all my questions. Before they left, they even tidied up my flower beds and left my yard looking nicer than when they came! It's that kind of attention to detail that makes me happy to recommend Valentine Roofing to all my friends.
Brad Singley
Skilled, Reliable and Great Workers!!! Valentine Roofing was definitely the right choice for our difficult project. The crew arrived every day right on time and worked hard all day solving numerous problems with our older roof. We couldn’t be happier with the finished project!
Candy Troy
What an amazing organization! Connor, the owner really cares about his company and it shows in the sincere and transparent way that Valentine does business. They are honest and respectful in their bidding process and extremely pleasant to work with. I have been recommending Valentine Roofing for years and I will continue to recommend them.
Dori Monson
The job site supervisor kept us very informed about the whole process and we felt we were in good hands. When we come home from work, we saw that the crew had nicely clean up our yard. Our plants and landscape lighting were not disturbed. We are extremely happy with the work from Valentine Roofing! Our roof looks beautiful and we love looking at it every time we drive up to our house.
Linh Tran
I love my new Valentine roof! It was very inspiring to see such a crew of hard-working and cheerful individuals. When they finished you couldn't even tell they were there. Everything was cleaned up, the only thing left was my new roof!
Pat Anderson
From the initial call to schedule an estimate to the final invoice, Valentine Roofing did everything they said they would. The sales person showed up on time and gave a professional bid on the spot. I was kept informed during every step of my roofing project. I am thrilled with my roof and I highly recommend Valentine Roofing!
Preston and Lori Howell
Valentine Roofing did a great job. A roof is a big investment. During the bidding process, they educated me about roofing so I could understand what were the keys to quality, and make good decisions about my roof. Their service was fast, efficient, and thorough. My house and landscaping were spotless. I was very pleased with their product and their service.
Robert Wilkes