Top 6 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

A summer heatwave is predicted to hit the Pacific Northwest this weekend. We broke a 29-year record high temperature on June 21st. With no real reprieve in sight, most folks around Puget Sound are starting to look for ways to stay cool. Of course, we could talk about A/C units and the benefits of new windows (including reduced heat transfer, keeping your home naturally cooler). If like most people, you do not have any projects like these scheduled for this coming week, we still have many ways to stay cool now!

Catch a Movie:

Movie Theaters are air-conditioned and offer a cool place to sit and rest while allowing you to avoid the summer heat. Many of us have not yet returned to movie theaters after nearly away during the Pandemic. So, now is the perfect time to catch your first movie back at your local cinema.

Homemade Popsicles:

Make your favorite popsicle recipe or use one of our favorites for a cold treat that will cool you down. You don’t need a popsicle mold. If you do not have one, use an ice cube tray, dixie cups, or muffin tins with liners to get personal-sized frozen and delicious treats!

Visit a Local Cooling Center Near You:

Most counties or cities have a list of cooling centers available when the sweltering heat becomes unbearable. You can also find a reprieve from the sun and hot weather at your local library, mall, or community center depending on their hours. 

Keep the Lights Off and Curtains Drawn:

Not only will you use less energy but you will also keep your indoor space cooler. Lights often emit heat when in use. Turning them off will help to keep the inside temperatures cooler. You can also keep the curtains and shades drawn to prevent the sun’s IR rays from heating your house. 

Stick to Foods You Do Not Need to Cook: 

Using the stove or oven will add new heat to your house. Stick to cooking during the cooler nighttime or early morning hours.  This will keep the heat down during the hottest part of the day. Or better yet, stick to meals that you do not have to cook. Get creative with your salads, sandwiches, wraps, or ‘chemically processed’ meals like ceviche. These types of meals are great for utilizing leftovers and your garden harvests without the need for traditional cooking methods!

Apply Cold Packs or Ice to Cooling Points on Your Body: 

Applying cold compresses, ice, or other cold items to areas of your body with veins close to the surface will help to cool your body quickly. Areas like your wrists, temple, elbow, behind the knees, and the back of the neck are great places to apply cold items for a quick cool down.

Give these tips a try to beat the heat this summer and remember to stay hydrated! If you are looking for ways to create long-lasting comfortability for your home this summer consider updating your attic insulation or adding new energy-efficient windows to your summer project list. Call Valentine Roofing at (206) 575-7656 to schedule your free estimate today. 

For more information on Heat Safety, you can visit the National Weather Service website