Seattle: The Valentine Look.

When it comes to finish, details matter. That is why Valentine developed a signature look. Every Valentine roof can be held to the same exacting standards and will stand out against other roofs. We have thought through every detail so you don’t have to. The way the shingles overhang the gutter edges is the same on every install. You can always count on our flashings to match, not just each other, but the chosen shingle color as well. Another feature of a Valentine roof is the straight line counter flashing we install on every brick chimney.  Installing the ridge vent across the entire ridge, while only opening the neccesary ridge areas, provides  a seamless and consistent look across the entire roof. Each detail that we provide helps to elevate the overall look of a finished roof. Our Valentine Signature Look will always provide the most beautiful results on every home! Look around your neighborhood, our roofs will always speak for themselves.