Roofing Ventilation Recommendation

Ridge vents work as attic ventilation and cool by venting at the hottest point of the roof. But not all ridge vents are the same.

I am very impressed by Trimline’s ridge vent product for roofing. We are now installing it with every installation. It is very sturdy and well made product that keeps its integrity even when walked on or nailed with a nail gun.


I also like the the StormStop membrane (the mesh lining shown above) which keeps moisture and bugs from getting into your attic through the roof. Trimline ridge vent also give the roof a low profile meaning you can’t see the vent as it doesn’t portrude out like many ridge vents. It’s important to have a nice finished look on the ridges. It always bothers me to see protruding “box vents” near a roof’s peak or a ridge vent that looks ugly. We want our customers to see our finished roof and say “wow, looks great!”