Roof Replacement in Kingston

We just finished a roof replacement in Kingston. The customer called because he was missing shingles after a wind storm and needed someone to provide him with information on a new roof system. Our rep met with the customer, showing him several options to replace his roof. It was important to the customer his new systems would be able to withstand the windy conditions at his Apple Cove home in Kingston, WA.

After talking with our rep the customer chose to move forward with a new roof featuring Owens Corning Duration shingle with a 130MPH wind warranty. The patented Sure Nail strip provides an unsurpassed nailing zone. Additionally, the patented TrueBond adhesive strip bonds to the Sure Nail strip faster. This for added strength and a better install any time of year. So shingles stay were they belong, on your roof. Coupled with the Owens Corning Deco Ridge Shingles, our customer’s roof is ready for the next wind storm that blows through Kingston.

Deco Ridge Shingle
Owens Corning Duration
New Chimney Flashing
Owens Corning Duration Onyx Black