Preventative Roof Maintenance Makes Dollars and Sense

Most roofs in the Pacific Northwest can last 17-22 years and like most valuables, require maintenance to ensure that will perform at their best. What happens to a car that’s never had an oil change or an air conditioner that’s never been cleaned? It. Breaks. Down.

Moss has taken hold on these shingles

Moss and algae might grow slow, but once it takes hold it can be quite aggressive. When moss grows in between shingles, it can creep under the shingle and cause the seal to break and the shingles to lift. These lifted shingles leave spaces for water to get in. Water underneath your shingles can penetrate the underlayment causing plywood rot, a leak in your attic and even mold growth. Even the smallest leak can cause major damage to your home that are costly to repair.

Debris in the gutters will cause backflow and overflow

Preventative maintenance benefits more than just your roof. Moss, leaves, needles and more build up in your gutters and will eventually cause your gutters and downspouts to clog. With no where else fr the water to go the gutters will overflow, not only damaging fascia, but the siding on your home and eventually the foundation.

Moss and Algae treatment will prevent regrowth

Cleaning your roof annually will guarantee that it lasts for years to come. A clean and healthy roof only improves your home’s curb appeal. Maintaining your roof now will prevent costly problems later and will keep your investment, your home, in tip top shape.