Olympia Gutter Project

Did you know that most gutters have a lifetime of 20 years? Chances are if you are ready to replace your roof it is time to have your gutters replaced as well. This is why we often recommend a gutter replacement as part of a new roofing system. Your gutters and roofing work together to optimize water shed from your roof. By eliminating overflow, gutters help to protect fascia, siding and a home’s foundation.

Our rep worked with this customer to create a plan to address her home’s needs. She previously had a smaller gutter system that often clogged with pine needles and cones. Over time the back flow started to affect her roofing and fascia. To address her concern we recommended a 6K gutter system. The larger trough allows for more water load and is easier to clean out when the time comes. This system also includes a larger downspout so it does not clog as easily as the smaller ones. The 6K system is ideal for areas with heavy rainfall, extensive tree cover and for steeper pitched homes.

When it comes to gutters, not all systems are created equal. For the best value and performance a seamless, aluminum gutter system it tops. The aluminum should be enamel coated to prevent premature weathering which often leads to leaking and failing gutters. Using the right fastener, such as a marine grade fastener, will ensure gutters do not sag over time. The gutter run should be fastened every 16″ – 24″ for the strongest hold that will last for years to come. The right system will keep your home protected from top to bottom!