christmas lights installation by valentine roofing

Christmas Spirit Without the Hassle

Can you believe it’s already October?! That means Christmas is only weeks away! Your trusted roofing professional, Valentine Roofing, is now installing Christmas lights. Let us climb the ladders and hang the lights while you spend more time with your family enjoying your holiday traditions. Our professionally hung LED Christmas lights are custom sized for every home. For a sleek look, your lights will be hung along the gable and gutter edges of the most forward-facing sections of your house. Every installation also includes exterior extension cords and automatic timers. In January we will remove the lights and pack them up for convenient storage until it’s time for install later in the year. Our highly trained crews who will have your lights ready for the Christmas season in no time!

What’s Included

• White LED lights plus extension cord for exterior installation.
• Lights installed along the gable and gutter edges on the 3 most front facing sections of your home.
• Timely take down of your lights.
• Convenient packing for you to store until next year.

If you’re interested in Valentine Roofing installing your lights this Christmas season, fill out the contact form below and we’ll promptly follow up with more information. Merry Christmas!