Cedar Shake Roofing in Mukilteo

Nothing beats the classic look of cedar shake roofing. On many Mukilteo neighborhoods we are installing cedar shake roofs one after the other. Why? There are a couple of reasons: First off, some neighborhood HOA’s mandate cedar shake as the only acceptable roof. Secondly, many Mukilteo homes were built with cedar shake. The overall Northwest look works great with the natural, rustic look of cedar. Below is a project we are currently working on in Mukilteo:


cedar-shake-roofing-mukilteo  mukilteo-roof


Mukilteo-3  Mukilteo-4




As you can see the roofing project is around 60% completed. Our Valentine Roofing team is starting the shake installation. The roof is coming together nicely. At Valentine Roofing, we have a dedicated cedar shake and shingle crew. To my knowledge, we are the only roofing company in the Seattle area who can say this.