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Valentine Roofing brings the same attention to quality of products, superior installation, and excellent service that you have come to expect from us in roofing, to Puget Sound residential window replacements.
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Vinyl windows are a beautiful update for your home that will improve your view while providing lasting value. When you choose vinyl, you are choosing low maintenance windows with excellent energy efficiency and superior durability. Valentine Roofing offers the premier customer experience for Puget Sound windows installation and residential window replacements along with top of the line vinyl windows and patio doors.

Features & Benefits

Energy efficiency

energy efficiency windows
Dual pane vinyl windows with Low-E coatings are among the most energy-efficient options for window replacements. Stabilizing gas, such as Argon gas, between at least two panes of glass acts as a barrier to heat transfer and is sometimes referred to as insulation glass. Low-E glass coatings work to minimize UV and infrared light further improving the windows insulating properties. The vinyl frame itself will limit airflow, so you can count on vinyl windows to keep the warm air outside in the summer and inside during the cold winter months. This will vastly improve energy usage while minimizing heating and cooling costs. Valentine Roofing offers dual-paned, vinyl windows with Low-E coating options to fit all your home’s needs, like extra protection from the Puget Sound sun’s harmful UV rays.

Return on Cost

vinyl windows
Did you know new vinyl windows are on the list of 8 Home Improvement Projects With the Highest ROI at The article states that “new windows may be the most efficient use of your rehabbing budget.” With an instant improvement to a home’s curb appeal, along with improved energy efficiency and a return on cost exceeding 90% in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas (according to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs Value report), it is easy to see why vinyl windows earn top rankings for home improvements.

Low Maintenance

low maintenance windows
When it comes to windows, vinyl is by far the easiest to maintain. You do not have to strip and repaint them, stain them or check them for rot like with a wood window. The frame is not prone to denting, pitting, or corroding like aluminum windows. Vinyl holds up to your typical household cleaners so you can easily clean the interior or exterior windows with products you already own. Since vinyl does not require regular repairs like other windows, and it is easy to clean, vinyl is by far the easiest window to maintain with very little effort required.


Window Durability
For long-lasting durability, look no further than vinyl windows. Vinyl naturally withstands heat, water, and UV rays, resisting rot, mold, and warping. They stand up to the soggy Puget Sound climate. Valentine Roofing features vinyl windows with steel reinforcement and corner welded sashes for additional strength. If you want windows with lasting strength and durability, call Valentine Roofing for your free estimate today!

New windows with Valentine Roofing is as easy as...

Choosing your window replacement package with Valentine Roofing is always stress-free and easy! We offer the highest quality vinyl window, standard with steel reinforcement and performance ratings that exceed Puget Sound energy standards. Our vinyl windows are dual pane windows with Low-E coating options for customizable thermal performance. All windows are manufactured with warm edge technology, utilizing the Super Spacer® for optimum energy performance and seal integrity. Every operable window features a simple to use cam-lock while every patio door comes standard with dual locking mechanism for security and ease of operation. Every Valentine Roofing patio door and operable window that we install includes with a matching screen so you can enjoy fresh air without concern. With window styles and color options for every home, Valentine Roofing has the right fit for your window replacement project!

Color Choices

Valentine Roofing offers several color options for your window replacement. We can match existing windows and trim for a consistent traditional look or give your home an updated look with new colors. From standard colors like almond, clay, and white, to premium cap stock options like bronze and black, we proudly offer a variety of color options to suit every style. Premium cap stock colors all feature an interior frame of white to better match existing interior trim. Our premium colors are all fused directly to the frames itself, keeping the color integrity of the frame while resisting chipping or peeling.




* Cap stock colors all come with white interior

Cap Stock Bronze

* Cap stock colors all come with white interior

Cap Stock Black

Privacy Options

Valentine Roofing offers privacy options for when you want to limit visibility into your home. Privacy windows are great for rooms such as bathrooms or entryways where privacy is of the utmost importance. You can also use these windows in rooms like your home office when you want to minimize outside distractions. Choose from our satin etched option or the classic obscure option to create a more private setting.



Satin Etched

Grid Patterns

Grid patterns are a fun and budget-friendly way to elevate the look of your windows. Transform your windows from standard to special with one of our versatile grid patterns. Grids can be applied to front windows, a singular window, or any combination of windows to achieve the style you desire. Our colonial grid compliments craftsmen, farmhouse, Tudor, and colonial style homes throughout Puget Sound. For traditional, contemporary, modern, or  prairie style homes our traditional grid is a great fit. Make a statement with an easy window update.

No Grid

Traditional Grid

Colonial Grid

Energy Plus

The Valentine Roofing Energy Plus package features advanced Low-E coatings on multiple surfaces to maximize energy efficiency for your home. Manufactured to combine high performance Low-E with a 4th surface Low-E, this package offers superior protection. This optional upgrade will minimize UV exposure through the window while maintaining natural brightness by allowing visible light into your home. Maximize your energy efficiency, and let the light in without any of the drawbacks!
Drawing detailing window technology.

Patio Doors

Made from the same extruded vinyl with steel reinforcements and four corner welded sash as our windows, our patio doors provide the strength you need in a sliding glass door replacement. Dual mortise handles offer improved security on this exterior door and come standard on every door we install. Offering the same grid options as our windows, you won’t need to sacrifice style for function when updating your existing patio doors. Include patio doors that combine beauty and strength with your next window replacement project.
Interior sliding glass doors leading to outside covered enclosed patio.

Signature Installation

Our signature window installation is second to none and goes beyond the standard recommendations for window replacements set forth by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association, a governing body within the manufacturing industries that sets standards and best practices). Our process includes carefully removing the old windows to prepare the opening for your new windows. Once the new windows are placed in the existing opening, the window technician will ensure each window is level, square, and plumb. Each window will be sealed, fastened, and flashed using Valentine Roofing’s Signature Window Install, designed to keep the Washington weather where it belongs, outside your home!

Window Replacement Photo Gallery

residential window replacement.

Valentine Roofing brings the same attention to quality of products, superior installation, and excellent service to Puget Sound window replacements, that you have come to expect from us in roofing. It starts with our straightforward estimate process, always including our best price forward. We proudly offer the most transparent estimates in the industry. Our goal is to give every customer the information they need to confidently move forward with their project, knowing they are in good hands. Going beyond AAMA standards for window installation, we created the Valentine Roofing Signature Window Installation to protect your home from the Puget Sound elements. 

From the first call to the completion of the project you can always count on the Valentine Experience | Seamless Communication, Meticulous Cleanup, Going the Extra Mile ®. Our production team will keep you updated every step of the way throughout your project. With our meticulously clean standards, you know we will leave your home spotless, inside, and out. Every chance we get to make the process easier and smoother for you, we will. When it comes time for your Puget Sound windows installation project you can count on Valentine Roofing for superior results. When you choose Valentine Roofing, you are choosing a Puget Sound residential contractor focused on the customer experience, integrity, and positively impacting the community. You will rest easy knowing you chose the contractor that does not just specialize in installing new windows, but one that specializes in installing customer confidence and peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my windows?

We often look to age as an indicator that it might be time to replace something in our home. However, when it comes to windows age is not always the best measure that it is time to replace them. Instead, read our blog about the top 5 signs that it is time to consider window replacement. 

If you are noticing one or more of these top 5 issues, give Valentine Roofing a call for a hassle-free estimate today!

Should my windows have tempered glass?
Typically a building code will dictate if your window should be made with tempered glass. Most cities follow the international building code (IBC) to decide when a window is required to have tempered glass. Some of the considerations that go into the decision are the size of the window, the proximity of the window to entry and exit doors, and proximity to hazardous locations, like walkways or ‘wet areas’. A trusted contractor will be able to let you know if and when a window’s glass should be tempered. Valentine Roofing considers all IBC and local codes for safety glass when estimating for a new window replacement project.
How much should I expect to pay for my window replacement?
The cost of a Puget Sound windows installation can vary. Some cost considerations include the size of the window, the type or style of the window, the glazing package, and the type of frame. A reputable Puget Sound contractor will provide a fair price and can help you identify what your budget should be to accomplish your goals. One thing to consider when evaluating the price for windows is the value that you get back from the new windows. A vinyl window replacement project can provide value in multiple ways. According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost v Value report, a vinyl window replacement provides the most value of any window replacement in the Seattle area, offering a 90.8% return of the original cost. In addition, new windows can provide excellent curb appeal, a great way to update and improve the look of any home. The returns do not end there. With improved energy efficiency comes energy savings, putting money back into your pocket each month. Depending on the year there may also be tax credits associated with your project or rebates from your local utility company. When all is said and done, new vinyl windows carry an incredible value!
What is the process of installing replacement windows?
Once an agreement has been processed for a window replacement project, a more in-depth and accurate measurement of every window that is being replaced will be scheduled. This will ensure the best fit before manufacturing begins. This step is often referred to as the critical measure and usually takes up to a couple of hours. Once the windows have been manufactured and delivered, the window installers will carefully remove the old windows and dispose of them. The new windows will be properly fit into the existing opening, ensuring the windows are level, square, and plumb. Windows will then be fastened into place by screwing the window into the blocking. Once the window is securely in place, then the window installer will properly seal the window and finish trimming out the exterior opening. This type of installation will ensure the window does not sag, settle, or become unlevel, which affects the operation of the window. Some companies will take a short cut, installing windows outside a manufacturer's specifications. You should only trust your new window replacement to a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor that has been properly trained to meet or exceed AAMA recommended installation guidelines, like Valentine Roofing.
Which type of window is best?
With different window options, it can be difficult to decide which windows are best. Accounting for affordability, energy performance, durability, and value, it becomes apparent that vinyl windows are in a class of their own. With superior thermal performance ratings (important in Puget Sound), vinyl windows are among the most energy-efficient windows available. They result in a comfortable home and lower energy costs. Vinyl is a durable material that requires little maintenance for optimum performance. Because vinyl is not prone to breaking down from UV exposure, it is a great option for windows. Not only are vinyl windows more affordable upfront, but they require less money to maintain over time, providing you the most ‘bang for your buck’. When it comes to window replacement, vinyl checks all the boxes with budget-friendly replacement options and superior performance.
What should I do to prepare my house for a new window installation project?
The window installers will need access to every window being replaced, both inside and outside the home. They will need a clear path through your home, and to each window, for the removal of old windows and the installation of your new windows. Make sure all walkways and stairs are clear for ease of access. Allow for access through doors, gates, and the garage as needed. Move furniture and other obstacles away from the windows providing a clear workspace for the window installers. Nearby wall decor, curtains, blinds, and any security sensors should also be removed from around the windows. Proper preparation will ensure that the project goes smoothly without unnecessary delays.