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Valentine Roofing is Western Washingtons #1 residential roofing company and best in Stanwood roof replacements. Serving Snohomish County since 2008.

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Victorian style home museum open to publicEvery Stanwood, WA resident and home deserves nothing but the best in both quality and service provided by a trusted residential roofing contractor. Valentine Roofing is the local Stanwood roofing contractor specializing in a wide range of roofing and home improvement related services such as roof replacement, roof repair (Leak Stop Guarantee), roof inspections, roof cleaning, gutter installation, and more. The city of Stanwood, Washington is located about 50 miles North of Seattle, near Camano Island and has a history dating back to the mid 1800s when the town was originally founded under the name Centerville. The city’s economy was primarily sustained in early days on the agricultural and lumber industries and has since become primarily a bedroom community for larger surrounding cities with expanding industries such as technology, manufacturing, and healthcare. Stanwood is one of the smallest cities in Washington with a total square mileage of about 2.8 miles and a population of roughly 7,400 residents. The city has seen a year over year growth in population of about 1.5% and has increased by nearly 20% since 2010. Many residents commute from Stanwood to other local cities and over 67% of residents own their own home versus renting. Stanwood is home to several parks, wildlife, and recreation areas - and features easy access to the waters of the Puget Sound. Stanwood received a livability score of 76 out of 100 by AreaVibes for its exceptional schools, amenities, low crime, and family life. From the tulips of the Skagit Valley to the waters of the Stillaguamish River, to the shops that line the historic downtown streets - Stanwood embodies all that is a classic American small town and offers a unique community full of history and charm.

Much like other cities in the Puget Sound region, Stanwood experiences heavy rainfall, winds, and storms with its wettest season lasting over 6 months of the year. A complete and comprehensive roofing system installed by a professional roofer like Valentine Roofing will protect and defend your home from damage while upgrading your curb appeal. Our team lives in the same communities we work in, so we know the region well and are equipped as Northwest roofing experts to make the best possible recommendations for your home. As a premier Stanwood roofing contractor we install only the highest-quality roofing materials available in the market. Whether you are seeking a roof replacement, roof cleaning, or new gutters - we will work with you to find a solution that works best for both your budget and home.

Valentine Roofing specializes in the installation of a wide range of roofing materials to fit the unique needs of every Snohomish County home. Whether you’re seeking the classic look and functionality of a composite roof, the modern vibrancy of a metal roof, or the sleek efficiency of a PVC roof - we have a team of expert roofing technicians ready to bring your home improvement dreams to life. As an industry leader in our region, we install only the best composite roofing shingle on the market from industry partner, Owens Corning Roofing. The Duration shingle provides exceptional protection and durability from the elements and has been named the #1 shingle by Consumer Reports in their January 2020 release. From every shingle that was tested, the Duration shingle outperformed the rest in the areas of wind, nailing, and impact. Offered in over 14 colors choices such as Estate Gray, Onyx Black, and Pacific Wave - the Duration shingle matches the aesthetic of any Pacific Northwest style home.

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Composition roofing systems typically last upwards of 20 years with professional annual roof maintenance and inspection by a licensed residential roofing contractor. Cost-effective and widely appealing, composite roofs are the most popular material choice today. Metal roofs are another fantastic option for Western Washington homes and offer exceptional protection from the weather elements while bringing a fresh modern look and feel that is sure to enhance the curb appeal of any home. Metal roofing systems are ideal for homes with a steep or low slope pitch and can be installed easily by a metal roofing specialist like Valentine Roofing. Our metal panels come in both 24 and 26 gauge thicknesses, in either pencil ribbed or striated variations. With over 10 color selections to choose from, we’re confident we have a color to perfectly compliment the aesthetic of your home. Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in our region with a modern design trend on the rise. Metal roofing panels are easily maintained by an experienced roofing professional and can last well over 50 years with routine annual maintenance. You will often hear metal roofs referred to as the “last roof you will ever buy”. This is because with proper installation and care it is unlikely you would ever need to replace your metal roof within your lifetime, making metal roofing a worthwhile investment for long term homeowners. In addition, the popularity of combo metal roofs is also on the rise. Many homeowners are opting for a metal/composite combination, which is cost-effective and boldly sets a home apart from the rest. Completely flat and low sloped roofs require specific materials to adequately protect against water leaks and damage. PVC roofing material installed by Valentine Roofing is designed to create a seamless waterproof barrier over your entire home using a method of heat welding installation. PVC material is sleek, heat/UV resistant, and energy-efficient. Available in three staple colors, our PVC material will protect, defend, and enhance the look of any flat or low sloped home. 

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We know the Western Washington region well and are no stranger to the harsh, and at times, unpredictable weather conditions we experience here. Rain, wind, and storms can create a variety of problems for your roof making it susceptible to damage and leaks. Homeowners often find themselves in a bind with a leak during the wettest season with no apparent solution. That’s why at Valentine Roofing, we’ve created our roof repair leak stop guarantee program. Essentially, our program ensures that if your current roof is actively leaking or does while you’re waiting, we will come to your home and secure this leak until your brand new Valentine roof can be safely installed in proper weather conditions. It’s our goal to provide peace of mind that once you hire Valentine Roofing, your home is in safe and capable hands. 

Valentine Roofing’s team of expert roofing professionals is committed to providing the best quality and service to every Stanwood, WA home. Contact us today for a fast and free quote on roof replacement, roof cleaning, attic insulation, gutters, and more. 

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