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Monroe, WA is a residential city in Snohomish County serving as home to commuters for Seattle, Everett as well as the eastside due to its central location to all 3 major economic centers. Monroe has a rich history of agriculture in part because of the proximity to the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Skykomish rivers. The flood plain allowed for water access and helped to create nutrient-rich soil, a perfect set up for growing crops.  The Frye lettuce farms provided work and economic growth for this part of Snohomish County until around the time of the great depression. One major neighborhood was named after this farm and holds the name Fryelands to this day, a clear nod to the agricultural that bred this community. Monroe, WA is still considered to be a rural part of the Puget Sound area but has had steady suburban growth since State Route 522 was built in 1965 providing easier access to the town. Also, home to the Evergreen State Fair, the state’s largest county fair, Monroe draws families that appreciate a small-town feel while still staying close enough to major economic centers for employment. 

The agricultural history and rural influence in Monroe, WA is visible in the homes and properties in this part of Snohomish county. Many homes include outbuildings such as barns, workshops and detached garages. Valentine Roofing is a Snohomish County roofer that can provide a thorough plan for roof replacement projects on your home as well as your outbuildings. Interested in different roofing materials or the same roofing material for both buildings? Not a problem, Valentine Roofing offers several roofing material choices from metal roofs and composite roofs to PVC roofs. We can even provide an estimate for projects that feature mixed roofing materials on the same roof. Farmhouse and Craftsman-style homes, both popular in Monroe, have trended toward featuring mixed roofing materials. These homes often feature a metal roof over the entryway or on the dormers of the home. Whether you are interested in mixed roofing materials or a simpler approach, Valentine Roofing has the expertise and knowledge to give you the look you want!

Monroe is wet and rainy most of the year, the right gutter system is imperative. Proper gutters will not only elevate the look of your home or outbuilding, it will ensure water does not remain on the roof but is directed off the roof, away from the siding and foundation, safely to the ground.  We always recommend a seamless aluminum gutter system to get the most life, value and efficiency out of your gutter system. For most homes, the 5K system is the perfect seamless aluminum gutter. However, for homes and buildings with a larger, steeper roof or that are surrounded by trees the bigger 6K gutter with larger 3x4 downspout is the way to go. The bigger trough allows for more water to pass through without backing up or overflowing back onto the roof itself, which often causes damage and leaks. The enlarged downspout can handle more debris such as pinecones, leaves, and needles to pass through without blocking. Aluminum holds up to UV better than other types of gutters and withstands cracking, bubbling and more. For gutters that can handle the Pacific Northwest rainfall, won't crack, and are less prone to leaking the seamless aluminum gutter installed by your local roofing contractor, Valentine Roofing is the perfect fit for every home and roof in Monroe, WA. 

Complete your project by adding attic insulation and an annual roof maintenance package. Keep your family and your home healthy with the many benefits of attic insulation. Keep your roof looking brand new for years to come. Our Valentine Roofing Leak Stop Guarantee will have you and your roof covered year-round with our free leak repair on your old roofing while you wait for your new roof to be installed.  As a Top of the House Certified, Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning, Valentine Roofing has the knowledge and training you can count on for both installation and maintenance of your roof and attic. We are a BBB accredited roofing contractor that is licensed, bonded and insured. For a roof replacement, roof cleaning and gutter installation Valentine Roofing is your full-service roofing contractor. Inquire about your free estimate for services today!

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