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Street view of the front of a traditional two story home. Car in the drive way and stairs to front porchOriginally built on the timber and lumber industry Everett, Washington is the largest city in Snohomish County and is the current county seat. In the mid-1900s the timber industry began to give way to the aerospace industry and in 1967 Boeing opened an aircraft assembly plant at Paine Field and has been the city's largest employer since. While Everett is located on Puget Sound the waterfront is home to Naval Station Everett limiting recreational access. With connections to major freeways and public transportation options, Everett has seen a rise in commuters settling in from around the Seattle Metropolitan area. Recent growth is partly because of affordable housing options and partly due to efforts in revitalization. New housing and development have become the norm in this expanding Snohomish County city since the population boom of the 1940s. 

Marking the northern end of the Puget Sound convergence zone, Everett sees relentless rains and powerful winds, more so than other parts of this Northwest region. This zone is also known to see heavier snowfall during the colder months. The roofs in and around Everett require products that can stand up to the harsh climatic conditions and often require more diligent maintenance than roofs in other Puget Sound cities. Valentine Roofing is Everett's local roofing contractor that offers options for roof replacement, annual maintenance and roof inspections that address all the specific Everett, WA roofing needs. 

Not just any roofing material is recommended for high wind areas like the convergence zone. Valentine Roofing recommends using products with high wind ratings such as a standing seam metal roof or the Duration series shingles for a composite roof. Both of these products offer superior production for blustery days along the Puget Sound. In fact, the Duration shingles offer the greatest wind resistance among any shingle in its class, not to mention top ratings from the 2020 Consumer Report. A Valentine Roofing installation is always performed by highly skilled roofers that perfect their craft year-round and understand the intricacies of roof replacements in the Puget Sound. In addition, employees receive ongoing training from our partners in roofing like Owens Corning. 

Two professional roofers wearing fully equipped tool belts and harnessed to safety ropes during a new composite roof replacement. A car and roofing truck, neighboring home in background.For added protection from the elements, we recommend our annual maintenance program complete with a comprehensive roof inspection. Each service includes removal of moss and algae build-up using gentle air and agitation rather than pressurized water or air. A treatment is applied to the roof to prevent both moss and algae from returning for up to one year. Complete removal of debris like sticks, leaves and fallen needles from both the roof as well as the gutter system makes certain the whole system will provide optimum protection for your home. Our method ensures the roof will be effectively cleaned without causing damage like other forms of cleaning can. The comprehensive roof inspection is especially handy in places like Everett that fall within the convergence zone by identifying potential areas of concern before they become a problem. 

Due to the heavier rains and substantial snowfall, it is important to be sure the gutter system can handle the water runoff. Rains and melting snow can overwhelm lesser gutters systems causing water to overflow leading to soil erosion and foundational issues or even backflow onto the roof leading to leaking and water penetration. As the local roofing contractor, we recommend a seamless aluminum gutter system to withstand elements. Aluminum is not prone to pitting, rusting or cracking like other gutters and with both 5K and 6K options Valentine Roofing can recommend the right size to keep water flowing. We always use heavy-duty, marine-grade, internal fasteners which are a preferred method of hanging gutters for areas with heavier snow load like the convergence zone.

Two story home as viewed from the well manicured landscape in the front yard.

Certain times of the year can be especially daunting for residents when the rains and snow start to cause roofing issues. In places where precipitation is greater, roof leaks can become a problem quickly. Our leak stop guarantee offers free roof repair for your home while you are waiting on conditions to have your new roof to be safely installed. Our Leak Stop Guarantee is another layer of protection we offer all our customers. Every project is backed by our best-in-the-industry warranties. Second to none, we offer workmanship warranties on roofing as well as gutters in addition to the standard manufacturer warranties. From start to finish and beyond we provide peace of mind for every customer. 

When it comes to home improvement and home maintenance in Everett, Valentine Roofing is tops. Every project is handled by a project manager that will schedule, plan, and implement every detail of your project creating an out of this world experience. Project details are seamlessly communicated from start to finish so you will always be kept in the loop. With daily clean up of every job site, you know your home will be left better than when we started. Good enough is never good enough for Valentine Roofing. We aim to go the extra mile whenever we can with every customer. 

Estimates are always free and always with our best price forward. With an estimate in your hand in about an hour, you can get back to living your life. Contact your local Valentine Roofing branch Monday through Friday to schedule your free estimate and see what Valentine Roofing can do for your home!

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