Attic Insulation Bothell

Update Your Bothell, WA, Home With New Attic Insulation

Portion of attic filled with pink blown-in insulationWhen you live in a cold and wet climate like Washington, energy efficiency is a major focus. One of the main ways to keep heat inside your home is by equipping your attic with the right insulation. After all, it’s common knowledge that heat rises, and without properly functioning insulation in your attic, the heat that you’re spending so much money to produce could just rise right up out of your house. You can feel confident that you’ll be equipping your Bothell home with the right insulation when you partner with Valentine Roofing.

Blown-In Insulation

Once upon a time, insulation was available in strips that come rolled up—this is known as batt insulation. This method is mediocre, as gaps between the strips of insulation can allow heat to escape. Valentine Roofing has a more effective type of attic insulation: blown-in. As the name indicates, this type of insulation is blown out of a hose to fully cover every inch of your attic like a blanket of snow. Since there won’t be any gaps or cracks like there are with batt insulation, less heat will be able to escape your home.

The performance of this attic insulation is just one of the reasons why it’s a top choice. It has a Class A fire rating, does not break down over time like other organic-based insulation, and is non-corrosive. So, you can feel comfortable knowing your home is insulated and protected with our blown-in product.

Insulate Your Attic Today

If you’ve been dealing with high energy bills or have noticed other signs that it’s time for new attic insulation, you can’t go wrong turning to Valentine Roofing. Contact us to start the process at your Bothell, WA, home.