Most skylights last about 20 years before they become “sweaty” and drip water. When this happens, mold can grow on the inside of the skylight well and sheetrock becomes damaged. Most of our customers with existing skylights choose to have them replaced with the roof replacement.

All the skylights we install are low energy rated. They are double paned, flat glass skylights with an argon gas chamber between the panes. They also have an exterior coating that reflects heat while letting in light.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are a very popular alternative to skylights for adding natural light. They are a circular shape, available in 10” and 13” diameters. They are less expensive than adding skylights and are perfect for bathrooms, closets or dark hallways. There is no finishing required when the tubular skylight is installed and it only takes about an hour.

Gutter Systems

Valentine Roofing installs new gutter systems, and like everything else we do, they’re top quality. We use heavy aluminum gutters with a factory-installed 40 year finish. These are seamless gutters attached every two feet with interior hangers. This gives an excellent finished look while ensuring that the new gutters won’t sag or lose their sloping over time.

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