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Residential PVC Roofing is a long-lasting, heat reflective and low maintenance material installed widely on homes across the Puget Sound.
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Appreciate your new PVC Roof

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is hands down the best low slope and flat roofing material on the market today for residential roofing. 

Engineered to be flexible, strong and UV reflective, PVC roofing can easily last 20 years here in the Pacific Northwest. The flexibility of PVC roofing makes it easier for roofers to install the product around roof penetrations like vents, chimneys, and skylights found on many homes around the Puget Sound. From the Mid-Century Modern homes of Seattle to the flat roof townhomes in suburban areas like Kent, PVC is the perfect choice. Valentine Roofing is Western Washington's true "near-me" roofing contractor, serving eight Washington state counties. We employ experienced PVC crews that receive ongoing training in installation and product knowledge making Valentine Roofing the best choice for your PVC roofing contractor.

Features and Benefits

Warranty - Valentine Roofing offers a comprehensive workmanship warranty in addition to the manufacturer material warranty. A Valentine Roofing warranty is always the best warranty in the industry, backed by the leading Puget Sound residential roofing contractor.

Durable - Hot-air welded seams, like those of a PVC roof, are the strongest and most reliable seams in the roofing industry. Because PVC is a durable material it requires less maintenance saving you money from flat roof repairs often associated with lesser low slope roofing materials like torch down applications. PVC is engineered to be UV reflective and does not break down from exposure to UV light like other roofing material can.

Affordable - When compared to the other low slope options available for residential low slope roofs, PVC roofing is affordable and offers great value for your dollar. The reflective nature of PVC often leads to reduced heating and cooling costs, saving you money over time.

Naturally fire-resistant - Did you know that PVC roofing is naturally fire-resistant? PVC single-ply membrane roofing systems meet UL Class A fire rating. Scientific testing shows that this product produces minimal flame spread and is a great option on residential applications because it is much safer than other low slope options. Your homeowner’s insurance will love that!

Low maintenance - PVC does not require any roof coatings or other such flat roof repairs to maintain. Rather an annual cleaning to remove algae and other organic debris like leaves, needles and small branches is all that is required to keep your PVC roof looking and performing like new! Valentine Roofing offers a PVC roof maintenance package with every new PVC roof install.

PVC Options

Current color options may vary, please ask your estimator for more information and available colors.

Valentine Roofing proudly installs PVC Single Ply Membrane roofing systems for flat roofs and low slope roofs. Offering colors ranging from highly reflective lighter colors to darker and residentially friendly color options. Valentine Roofing has the perfect choice for every low pitch, low slope or flat roof application in the Northwest. Our 60-mil reinforced membrane is mechanically attached to the roof then hot air seam welded to create a fully waterproof material covering the entire roof from corner to corner. Most PVC roof installs come standard with a ½ inch fanfold underlayment that acts as a vapor barrier between the home and PVC material. For roofs with specialized drainage systems like roof scuppers or a central drain, Valentine roofing will provide new compatible scuppers and drains to complete your PVC roofing system

Some homes with low slope or flat roofs have minimal attic space so require external insulation also known as rigid insulation. Rigid insulation is an effective way to increase the R-value of the home when traditional attic insulation is not a possibility. The insulation is installed on the roof deck then covered with the PVC membrane providing both insulation and waterproofing to the roof. When it comes to slow slope roofs and flat roofs a Valentine Roofing PVC roofing system with rigid insulation is a great way to go.

PVC is

for your low slope roof.

Valentine Roofing is the Puget Sound residential roofing contractor certified to install low slope roofing systems like PVC single-ply membrane. We employ highly trained roofing crews that receive ongoing education in both product installation as well a product knowledge directly from the manufacturer. Coupled together with professional experience managers and a top-notch customer service experience, a PVC roof from Valentine Roofing is the right choice for your home. Every new roof installed carries the Valentine Roofing workmanship warranty for the continued protection of your investment. For even more protection, select an annual maintenance package that will keep your Valentine roof looking brand new for years to come. For more information about your PVC roofing options and to schedule a free estimate today call us at 206-575-7656. As always, an estimate with Valentine Roofing couldn't be easier, our estimator will have your bid in your hand in about an hour with our best price right from the start. Valentine Roofing always encourages every homeowner to GET THREE BIDS, JUST MAKE ONE OF THEM IS VALENTINE ROOFING! ®

Frequently Asked Questions


What is PVC roofing?

PVC Roofing Membrane is an engineered, thermoplastic, reinforced roofing system for low slope applications. PVC is heat welded at the seams creating a watertight roofing system that can withstand extreme weather, temperature and most environmental pollutants. Because PVC is reinforced using a woven fiberglass backing, called the scrim, it is puncture-resistant, flexible and resists tearing, making it perfect for residential roofs.


How is PVC roofing installed?

PVC comes in rolls that are installed in straight lines along the roof. Valentine Roofing mechanically fastens the PVC membrane to the roof then heat welds the seams together using hot air. This method of PVC roof installation creates a sleek appearance on any home. Once the seams have been welded the membrane is watertight and provides excellent protection against the Northwest weather conditions.


I heard PVC roofs cause condensation.

Condensation occurs when the air outside the home and the air inside the home converge creating moisture to build up within the single-ply roofing system. Some studies have suggested that this may be a problem specific to light-colored PVC roofing systems in colder climates such as the Pacific Northwest. Good roofing installation will prevent condensation issues. Valentine Roofing installs every PVC roof with a vapor barrier preventing air from intermingling between the climate-controlled interior of the home and the climate outside the home. When installed correctly by a trained roofing contractor with years of experience and knowledge, PVC roofing systems are a great Northwest roof.


Isn’t PVC just for commercial buildings?

PVC has become synonymous with commercial roofing because it is a durable material for a flat roof that requires very little maintenance. PVC is exceptionally flexible and easy to install requiring minimal labor resulting in quick installation. Because PVC is UV reflective it often helps reduce heating and cooling costs, which can be exorbitant for large commercial buildings. Consequently, all these benefits are the very same reasons that PVC roofing is the PERFECT solution for low slope residential roofing as well!