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Protect your ROOF Investment

View of a composite roof on top of a house containing a before and after view. The right side is a clean roof and the left side is a dirty roof. View of a roof on top of a house that has a before and after view. The left side is a roof with some visible moss and the right side is a clean roof. View of a roof shingles that has a before and after view. The left side is a roof with some visible moss between the shingles and the right side is a clean roof. View of a roof and gutter on top of a house with a before and after view. The top side has leaves in the gutter and the bottom is a clean gutter. View of a roof and gutter on top of a house with a before and after view. The top side has grime in the gutter and the bottom is a clean gutter.

The roof is your home’s first layer of defense against the elements here in the Pacific Northwest. To protect your roof investment, and help ensure your roof looks beautiful and performs flawlessly year-round, an annual maintenance plan provided by a trusted residential roofing contractor is recommended. Valentine Roofing’s annual roof maintenance plan is a full-service cleaning of your roof and gutters offered in both our Standard and Deluxe options to best suit your roof’s needs. This cleaning covers the removal of moss and debris, treatment, gutter cleaning, as well as before and after photos so that you can see first hand the difference an annual roof cleaning makes.

Proactive annual roof maintenance will help eliminate costly repairs and prevent future problems like a leak by keeping your roof clear of unwanted moss, leaves, and debris.

Features and Benefits



If left unchecked, moss and algae can start to grow and form on your roof resulting in damage to your shingles, roof decking, and more. Shingle lift caused by moss roots growing on, under, or around roofing shingles is easily preventable with correct care. Protect your investment and lengthen the life of your roof with an annual roof maintenance, moss and algae removal plan today.



Keeping gutters and downspouts clear of leaves, pine needles, and debris ensures water is diverted off of your roof and away from your home’s siding and foundation. Removing leaf and debris buildup from a home’s gutters prevents damage to not only the gutters but the roof, foundation, and siding of the home as well. Valentine Roofing will help to protect your investment by providing a comprehensive gutter cleaning



A roof is one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make, and in many cases, routine annual roof maintenance is actually required to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. Many roofing material manufacturers offer warranties on their products and materials and in turn, have a set list of criteria that must be met routinely to maintain that warranty. Annual roof maintenance by a licensed and bonded residential roofing contractor will ensure your roof and your warranty will stand the test of time.

Maintenance Options

The Puget Sound area is one of the wettest areas in the country receiving a large amount of annual rainfall year after year. Seattle area roofs should be inspected and maintained annually to ensure optimal health and performance. Removing moss, leaves, and debris from your roof will ward off premature aging and damage that is usually preventable. As your local roofer specializing in residential roof maintenance, Valentine Roofing offers maintenance plans for composite and PVC roofing systems.

Our team of highly trained technicians use material-specific tools, environmentally conscious chemicals, and methods of cleaning for each type of roof we clean.

A map of Washington state with 9 counties highlighted. Including Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish, Kitsap, King, Pierce and Thurston county

Deluxe Maintenance Plan Recommended

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Standard Maintenance Plan Recommended

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Your life is busy, and roof maintenance is not always top of mind, especially when it only comes once or twice per year. An annual maintenance plan from Valentine Roofing includes all of the scheduling and logistics you would normally have to coordinate yourself when hiring other contractors. Even when you’re not thinking about the condition and beauty of your roof, we are. Never climb a ladder again or worry about soggy leaves clogging up your gutters. Eliminate unnecessary stress and protect your investment with an annual roof maintenance plan from Valentine Roofing.

A lady sitting at a desk reading a document and speaking on the phone. There is a map of Washington state and a computer visible behind her.
Our offices will communicate with you in advance to coordinate your maintenance and ensure your roof receives the attention it needs. 
A roof technician climbing a ladder to get on top of the roof. The man is carrying a broom and leaf blower and has on safety equipment and a tool belt.
Technicians are equipped with all of the tools to keep your roof looking beautiful and performing optimally all year long.
A man standing on top of a roof and sweeping a pile of leaves using a long broom. He is pushing the pile of leaves off the roof.
Brushing and removal of moss, debris and leaves. Gentle agitation of moss and algae is performed without damaging the health of your roofing material.
A man standing on a roof and strapped in with safety gear. He is using a leaf blower to remove debris from the rooftop.
Low pressure air cleaning is used to ensure any remaining debris and leaves are removed.
Gutters cleaned of all debris and leaves, allowing for efficient water drainage.
A view of a mans leg and hands while on a rooftop. One hand is holding a safety rope while the other hand is shaking a powder can of moss killer.
Moss and algae treatment is applied to defend your roofing system.
A man wearing a safety harness sitting on a rooftop next to a wall. He is inspecting some damaged siding on the wall where it connects to the roof.
Thorough inspection of your entire roof to identify any potential areas of concern.
a Roof maintenance technician walking in front of a two story house with a leaf blower cleaning the grounds around the house. There is a vehicle visible in the foreground.
Roof maintenance technician will ensure a meticulous cleanup of the grounds around your home.
A paper hanging on a doorknob titles “home services checklist” that contains a checklist of the services that were done and signed by the technician.
A signed final checklist by your technician will be left at your door detailing the completed maintenance.
View from the street of a two story house with a clean roof. There is a technician van parked on the street in front with ladders on the van roof.

Annual Roof Maintenance performed by Valentine Roofing will

your roof.

your roof.

An annual maintenance plan will help protect your roof from the elements and keep it looking beautiful year-round by removing moss, leaves, and debris as well as helping to identify and fix potential problems. Our estimates are completely free and delivered in about an hour.

Contact us today for more information on how an annual roof maintenance plan can extend the life of your roof while enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my roof?

Most Puget Sound area roofs should be inspected and maintained at least once per year. Roofs in areas with dense tree coverage, heavy wind gusts, or prone to storm damage - we recommended the roof be inspected and cleaned twice per year.

How much does an annual roof maintenance plan cost?

Roof maintenance costs will vary based on your roof size (total square footage) and pitch. Valentine Roofing’s annual maintenance plans start at $329.

What is the difference between a roof cleaning and an annual maintenance plan?
A roof cleaning is a one-time cleaning and inspection by a Valentine Roofing technician to ensure your roof is performing adequately. Our annual maintenance plan is an annually recurring cleaning and inspection performed either once or twice per year by a Valentine Roofing technician. The key difference between the two is the frequency of cleanings. Those in areas prone to storm damage or with dense tree coverage over their home will find that the deluxe plan is best suited to keep their roof looking and performing at its best.
Will pressure washing my roof damage it?

It is not recommended to use a pressure washer when cleaning a roof. In fact, many shingle manufacturers indicate that pressurized water should never be used to clean shingles. Pressure washing your roof can result in granule loss on shingles among other things, shortening the lifespan of your roof. Rather than pressure washing which can cause serious damage to your roof, we use a variety of effective tools like a roof brush to gently agitate moss and algae off of your roof. In some cases, pressure washing your roof can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Are the chemicals used to clean my roof safe?

Yes. The chemicals we use for moss and algae prevention are safe for humans, plants, and animals. We definitely don’t recommend drinking it but we are confident that this is a safe and effective way to treat moss and algae on Puget Sound roofs.

Do roof warranties require a roof cleaning?
Most warranties call for some level of routine annual cleaning and maintenance. To maintain this warranty, annual maintenance by a professional - licensed and bonded roof maintenance specialist is often required. Valentine Roofing offers an annual maintenance plan with many new roof replacements, ensuring your roof is serviced and protected throughout the years.