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Tasha unexpectedly became a widow and a single mother this past year. Shortly after losing her husband and best friend of over a decade she also lost her brother. Through all of her grief, she was able to remain a constant for her family. She provides care for her aging mother who has recently gone through a health crisis. Unafraid of the new challenges she faces as a single mother, Tasha advocates for her nonverbal son and provides a majority of his care while discovering new ways to create positive learning opportunities and developmental avenues for him. Tasha has found ways for both her and her son to thrive together with grace and positivity, despite their recent hardships. As she navigates this new world she continues to be a bright light for those around her. She donated her late husband's car to her dear friend, Jacob, who was at the time without a vehicle. Jacob says she often knows exactly what those around her need without them ever having to ask, and she always gives freely to her loved ones. This is one reason why Jacob was delighted to have the opportunity to provide Tasha with a new roof and some much-needed peace of mind.

Tasha goes through life with such a positive attitude and spreads it to everyone around her. She has her hands constantly full but is always ready to help out someone else in need.

Jacob S.

Previous to his passing, Tasha's husband had been in the beginning stages of home renovations. He had updated the front-facing siding as well as built a deck on their West Seattle home. He also took on a complete kitchen remodel. The roof was on the list of need updates. Unfortunately, the family was not able to start this part of their project. Because Tasha's husband was the primary earner in their family, she worried that she would not be able to take on such a large project financially after he passed.

Knowing that oftentimes home improvement needs go well beyond the roof, our team did a thorough inspection of the roof as well as the attic before putting Tasha's project together. During the inspection, we found that the attic insulation was nearing the end of its life. The existing insulation was showing signs of organic decay and compression. Our team knew that Tasha's attic needed updated insulation if our new roof and ventilation plan were to be the most effective. We decided to remove the old attic insulation and install new blown-in attic insulation to meet the department of energy recommendations for our region. The updated attic insulation will serve to create a healthier attic space, aid the roof ventilation system, and provide the family with more comfort.

The roof was showing signs of leaking near the back corner of the home. The crew replaced any affected roof deck in that area to remove the mold that had begun to grow on that particular part of the roof. With the roof deck mold-free, the crew began installing a new roof system featuring the Owens Corning® Duration® Shingle in the striking Onyx Black. Knowing that one main goal of the original remodel was to update the home's curb appeal, our team chose the Duration® Shingle for its multi-dimensional color.

Our team knows that a roof should do more than just look beautiful. So the updated roofing system used the all-weather underlayment Titanium® X30 for superior protection against future leaks on Tasha's roof. Our team also identified a lack of ventilation as a contributing factor to the mold in her attic. Her new roof system included an updated ventilation plan with more intake utilizing Invent, a sleek air intake option for homes that do not have a soffit. The ventilation plan called for updated attic box vents to accommodate the hipped construction of the roof. Tasha's new roof system is so much more than beautiful, it now provides her and her son with superior protection and comfortability for years to come.

Project Specs


ROOF TYPE: Composition Shingle


SHINGLE TYPE: Duration® Shingle


PROJECT NOTES: A new roofing system featuring metal attic vents was installed on this hipped roof. The old cellulose insulation was removed to make way for the new blown in insulation. The new ventilation and attic insulation will provide a more energy efficient home for Tasha.

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