The NRM-1000 panel system features traditional standing seams and floating clip lock. Floating clips allow for expansion and contraction through weather and seasonal changes without damaging the panels or affecting the integrity of the roof. The traditional look of the panel works well with many different home styles. Easy to maintain and long lasting, this material is recommended for medium to steeper pitched roofs.

Key Points

  • Standing Seam creates traditional look
  • Floating Clip system allows for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Easy to maintain


The NRM-2000 panel system features a hidden clip system that is meant to be mechanically sealed following installation to create a completely sealed roof great for any roof pitch, especially lower sloped roofs. Because This system is watertight it can withstand the heavy rain fall here in the Puget Sound area. The addition of the power seaming makes this panel system the best option for a residential roof.

Key Points

  • Mechanical seal creates water tight seams
  • Great for lower sloped roofs
  • Premium panel system

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