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Poulsbo has a rich Scandinavian history that has largely inspired the design of homes and roofs in the city. Perched along Liberty Bay, Poulsbo features distinct geography, often with sweeping views. Liberty Bay is home to a rich history of oyster farming and fishing and still boasts a beautiful Marina which is now the centerpiece to the downtown core of the city. The Scandinavian heritage lives on today through the annual Viking festival. Valentine Roofing is the Poulsbo's residential roofing contractor that understands the need for one of a kind plans for each roofing project, keeping in mind the architectural influences and distinctive needs of every home's roof in this area of Kitsap County, WA.

Often referred to as Viking City or Little Norway, Poulsbo is home to several midcentury modern homes that are largely influenced by the clean lines and minimalism often found in Scandinavian architecture. At Valentine Roofing we appreciate the unique characteristics of each Poulsbo home and roof. We install and clean roofs to highlight the historic character of each home without sacrificing modern advances in material and practice. We know which roofing materials and color choices will best suit every historic or new Poulsbo roofs and homes.

A product suited for wind resistance is the best selection for a composite roof in this area, especially along the fjords. The best composite roofing material option for this is the Owens Corning Duration Series. Featuring the patented Sure Nail strip coupled with a self-sealing adhesive make it the industry leading shingle for performance, longevity and durability and it comes standard with 130 mph wind warranty. Together with different thickness and color options, the Duration series offers a variety of choices that enhance the personality of any roof in Poulsbo.

Homes along Liberty Bay in Poulsbo require robust roofing materials to withstand the harsher conditions and weather patterns. A metal roof is a great fit for these homes. Boasting longer life expectancy and lower maintenance than many other roofing options, metal roofing is the premier choice for a roof in need of full-bodied protection. Metal is great to add a modern element with a traditional look to any home and works on both low slope as well as steeper pitch roofs. Metal roofing is one of the most durable and versatile roofing materials in the industry.

For the homes with low slope or flat roofs, typical of many midcentury modern homes often found floating along the hillside above the marina, Valentine Roofing recommends a PVC roof. PVC is specifically engineered to withstand ponding water, a common problem on these types of roofs. With engineered design elements that provide excellent puncture resistance and the natural fire resistance of PVC, this roofing material will keep your home protected in an abundance of ways. Ever growing color options mean this product will not detract from the historical elements often found on these homes but will enhance and improve them.

Valentine Roofing offers the most comprehensive roofing systems in Poulsbo, WA. As a Top of the House Certified and Platinum Preferred contract with Owens Corning, Valentine Roofing has the expertise, industry knowledge, and experience to provide a thorough evaluation and recommend the best plan for your new roof. Ongoing training throughout the year guarantees that every employee is on the cutting edge of industry trends and standards. Our affiliations with RCAW and Washington State Labor and Industries confirms that all our safety and training programs meet even the most stringent requirements. From ventilation to attic insulation and roofing material to roof installation, all employees, whether estimators, office staff or roofers, are highly trained to identify and resolve any concern in your attic or on your roof.

Valentine Roofing is the Poulsbo roofing contractor that believes in meticulous cleanup for every service we provide. Rest assured that the unique landscaping for every home is top of our mind throughout the project. Our roofers tidy every job site daily as well as at the end of your roof replacement project. It comes as no surprise to the residents of Poulsbo that the logistics of getting material to and from many of the hillside homes can be tricky, Valentine Roofing ensures each project has a dedicated project manager to make sure every project runs as smoothly as possible. Our project managers will keep you well-informed of project details providing seamless communication before, through out and after each project. Get the peace of mind that comes as part of every Valentine Roofing service.

Whether providing your Poulsbo home with a new roof, roof repair through our leak stop guarantee, gutters, attic insulation, or skylights, Valentine Roofing is the Kitsap County roofing contractor committed to offering the best in both service and roofing. To get the quality roof that your home deserves, call us at (360) 502-4546 or contact us at Valentine Roofing by filling out the form below.

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