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Elderly couple smiling and holding a dog, posing in front of their home. Front yard includes hardscaping, trees with partial view of a neighbors home in background.Covington, WA is located in southeast King County and boasts a rich history. Originally home to several native tribes, Covington has always had fertile lands perfect for agricultural and lumber industries. These fertile lands are the reason that Covington grew into a thriving rural farming community after it was settled as Jenkins Prairie, a stop along the railroad connecting Auburn to Kanasket. This rural lifestyle subsisted until after the Second World War when families began to settle into the quiet community. The construction of Highway 18, in 1964 eventually led to economic growth in the city that continues to this day. The city is also served by State Route 516, also known as Kent-Kangley Road, and connects Covington to nearby Maple Valley as well as Des Moines and Interstate 5 to the west. Eventually, Covington was incorporated as a city in 1997 and has maintained steady growth ever since.

While the ease of access that began with the railways sparked the original growth of Covington, WA it is the thriving community atmosphere that invites families to settle down in the area today. The city is dotted with community trails, like the Soos Creek trail, as well as a variety of parks and lakes, like Lake Meridian. The differentiated landscape between lakes, hills, and rivers has led to a number of small community type neighborhoods featuring different housing from townhomes to condos to track homes. With so many different styles of homes, a roofing contractor in Covington needs to be well versed in the needs of the residents and homes for roof replacement. Different types of roofs require specific materials, installation practices, and more. Our highly skilled roofers receive ongoing training from our industry partners to ensure that every employee understands and is able to execute a proper roof installation.  Valentine Roofing proudly installs PVC roofs, metal roofs, and composite roofs throughout the Puget Sound. Ask one of our estimators about the best roofing material options for your home today!

Two story two home, a plant and two chairs in front of two garage doors. Surounded by a well kept yard and many trees in background.Families looking for great schools often seek out Covington on their list of options so it comes as no surprise that the real estate market in Covington is always active. For those looking to buy or sell a home, we have thoughtfully developed a real estate program created to fit all your real estate needs. From priority scheduling to roof inspections Valentine Roofing has you covered. We are the near me roofing contractor that offers ways to improve curb appeal, update your home, and get any home market-ready on a timeline that works with real estate. Our fully transferable workmanship warranty or roof inspection seal of approval work to give buyers confidence in their purchase, which can result in a higher selling price. When it comes to home value no one understands the role a roof can play better than Valentine Roofing. 

Despite its close proximity to the foothills of the cascades, the local climate is very similar to Seattle's. The only difference being more temperature extremes by a couple of degrees. Located further away from the Puget Sound means that Summer days average hotter by a couple of degrees and winter night average colder by a couple of degrees than the Seattle climate. When it comes to sunshine, snowfall, and precipitation, the two cities are nearly indistinguishable. The mild climate means that there is less environmental wear and tear on the roofs in Covington. For most homes in the area, Valentine Roofing recommends our annual roof maintenance program. Everything from regular scheduling to  Unless your home has heavy tree cover, having the roof cleaned once per year is probably the best value for your home. 

With regular rainfall throughout most of the year, gutters are an ever-important feature on your home. Working in conjunction with the roof itself, seamless aluminum gutters installed by a Valentine Roofing crew can help to protect your foundation and siding. Seamless aluminum gutters are less prone to cracking and leaking than other gutter types and offer one the best all-around warranties. We offer both 5k as well as 6k gutter systems to ensure that your gutter system can handle the water runoff from all roof types. Keep the water where it belongs, in your gutters, with a new gutter system professionally installed by Valentine Roofing.

Roofing contractor wearing, hat, red tee, jeans, tool belt and a safety harness tied to rope anchored on top of a roof during a new roof install. Partial view of tree tops and hazy sky in background.The rains can be stressful if your roof springs a leak, but our roof repair leak stop guarantee can bring peace of mind while you are waiting to have your roof safely replaced. In fact, all our roof repairs come free with not just our leak stop guarantee, they come standard with an industry-best warranty ensuring that we have all Covington residents covered from day one! Always offering to have a bid in your hand within an hour of meeting with an estimator means we value your time. Our transparent pricing means you will get our best price forward with no haggling. All our projects are logistically handled by our project managers that work hand in hand with our Site Foreman to ensure every roof is expertly installed and beautiful! Go ahead, choose the stress-free experience from start to finish with Valentine Roofing.

Every roof replacement, roof cleaning, gutter installation, attic insulation project, or other services like Christmas lights is backed by our excellent reputation in the industry as well as customer service. Our commitment to quality installation and doing the job right the first time has earned us awards like our 2020 PRODUCT EXCELLENCE award from Manufacturer Owens Corning. We are proud members of the RCAW (Roofing Contractors Association of Washington), an industry organization that holds its members to the highest industry and state standards. With an A rating from Angie’s List as well as an A+ with the Better Business Bureau shows that our dedication to customer service and satisfaction is unparalleled. Our accolades are endless, in large part due to what we call the Valentine Experience. We define our customer experience through seamless communication, meticulous cleanup, and by going the extra mile whenever we are able. We are more than just a roofing contractor, we are your ally in roofing. By all means, Get three bids just make sure one of them is Valentine Roofing!

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