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Western Washington's leading experts in roofing and windows provide roof cleaning and moss removal, gutter cleaning and polishing, and window cleaning. Our Home Care Program provides all your outdoor cleaning and maintenance needs!


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Protect your Investment, Protect your home

Home care program member yard sign in front of Craftsmen style front porch. Landscape is adequately proteced during all exterior home maintenance  services performed. Front window is clean and clear.

Annual and routine maintenance is an important part of protecting your home and preventing costly repairs. Annual maintenance is often required by manufacturers to maintain a warranty for products like windows, roofing material, and more. And the long list of annual home maintenance tasks can feel daunting for homeowners.

The Valentine Home Care Program provides a stress-free and convenient way to address the cleaning and maintenance needs of the exterior of your home. From roof maintenance to gutter care and window cleaning, this program is fully customized to your home's specific needs.

No need to hire and coordinate multiple service providers. Our team will handle the scheduling and logistics for all your Home Care services, ensuring your maintenance and cleanings are always on time!


Overview of Valentine Roofing Home Care Program. Exterior home maintence services provided throughout Puget Sound including King, Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston, Kitsap and Skagit counties.

Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Comprehensive Roof Inspection

Roof cleaning technician wearing safety gear and holding tools smiles in front of Northwest home. Ladder in the background is staged for the technician to use during the roof cleaning service. Red van is parked next to technician.
Annual Roof Cleaning and Maintenance will protect your roof from the harmful effects of moss and algae build-up. Every roof cleaning and maintenance includes a comprehensive roof inspection.  
Roofing expert thoroughly inspecting the chimney on a home during a comprehensive roof inspection. Chimney shows signs of potential leaks from the aging siding.
Comprehensive roof inspections will ensure that your roof is always at peak performance. Technicians will identify potential concerns or simply verify that your roof is still in excellent shape!  

Gutter And Downspout Cleanout

Gutter Polishing

Gutter and downspouts before and after cleaning. Leaves, sticks and other debris have been remnoved to allow for water to flow through the gutter system.
Cleaning out gutters and downspouts is an important part of any home maintenance plan. Built-up debris in the gutter system will result in overflowing gutters which will cause damage to your home.
Revitalize your gutters and leave them looking like new. Gutter polishing will remove stuck-on dirt and unsightly stains. Preventing new stains and keeping the exterior of your gutters cleaner for longer.

Window Cleaning- Coming Soon

Christmas Lights

Window cleaning and maintenance should be performed annually. Cleaning windows removes harmful dirt, algae, and mold. Preventing damage to the glass coating and window frame.  
Roofing expert thoroughly inspecting the chimney on a home during a comprehensive roof inspection. Chimney shows signs of potential leaks from the aging siding.
Beautiful Christmas lights custom fit and professionally hung. Durable LED lights are available in classic white and candy cane. Take the guesswork and the stress out of your holiday season. 

Membership Benefits


Upgraded Premium Warranty

Members receive a free upgrade to a Valentine Roofing Premium Warranty associated with their Valentine Roof. This warranty adds an additional 5 years to your standard Valentine Roofing Warranty providing you with better protection for longer!

With Annual Inspection

Every premium warranty includes an annual comprehensive roof inspection performed by Valentine Roofing professional technicians. Ensuring your home is always in peak condition, and identifying potential issues sooner for better overall protection!


Priority Scheduling

Home Care Members receive priority scheduling for all home care program offerings. Priority scheduling means you will always be at the front of the line for all of our home care services.


Exclusive Membership Discounts

Enjoy access to exclusive member discounts and offers. Discounts on additional home care services. So, you can keep up with all your exterior home maintenance needs for less!

And Special Offers

Members have access to exclusive offers on future home improvement projects with Valentine. Offers that help you save on projects with the company you already love and trust!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gutter Polishing?

Gutter polish is a simple and effective treatment that will remove stains, dirt, grime, algae, and more from the exterior of your gutters. This treatment can revitalize and restore the exterior of gutters to their like-new condition. Gutter polishing can be performed during a normal roof cleaning and provides immense value and curb appeal. When gutters are looking dirty, weathered, or have black streaks along them - a gutter polishing may be in order to restore them to their former glory. Gutter polish solution used by Valentine Roofing is safe and non-toxic to people, plants, and four-legged friends.

How often should I clean and maintain my windows?

A home’s windows can become dirty due to a variety of causes such as trees, pollen, pests, weather, and more. It is recommended that residential windows are cleaned at least one to two times per year (usually in the spring and fall) to maintain a clear view and protect them from premature aging or damage. When dirt and grime are left to build up on the glass of a window, it can result in scratches. Dirt and debris can collect in the track of a window which make operation more difficult. If you are in an area with many trees and pollen, or high wind - your windows may benefit from regular cleaning 2-3 times a year. Not only will window cleaning bring a fresh vibrance to a home’s exterior, but it will also help elongate the lifespan of windows drastically.

What should I include on my outdoor maintenance checklist?
At least once per year, every homeowner should do an inspection of their home’s exterior to look for items that may need to be repaired, replaced, or refreshed. There are many things that a homeowner should include when performing annual outdoor home maintenance, however, these are some important items to focus on when covering your outdoor maintenance. See our recommendations and learn more about home maintenance for spring and fall.
Do roof and window warranties require annual maintenance?
When it comes to home improvement warranties, most manufacturers require annual maintenance of some sort to keep the product warranty intact. Professionally licensed home improvement contractors have the right expertise to provide the maintenance your roof and windows may need. The Valentine Roofing Home Care Program provides annual maintenance that takes the guesswork out of maintaining your warranty and your home. Members also receive an additional 5 years for their Valentine Roofing workmanship warranty!
Are the chemicals used to clean my roof, windows and gutters safe?

Valentine Roofing takes great care to provide safe and effective cleaning and maintenance services for all your home improvement needs. Some services do not require the use of chemicals or solutions while others do. For those services, we always ensure that the products we use are non-toxic and safe for your home, your family, and your critters.

What is the best way to clean my roof?

When it comes to cleaning your roof, HOW you clean matters just as much as actually cleaning it. In the Northwest, where moss and algae are prevalent, the best way to clean a roof is...learn more.