Which Skylight is Right for Your Home

When is comes to skylights, we have just the right fit for your project! We recommend replacing skylights every 20 years, this is when the seals may start to fail allowing for condensation or leaking. Let Valentine work with you to replace your skylights today, either with your roof replacement, roof repair or as a stand alone project.


For pitched roof projects a flat glass option is a beautiful way to let light in. We always install double pane, Lo E, skylights that feature argon gas between the panes and a reflective solar coating to reduce UV ray penetration as well as heat loss.

For lower slope and flat roofs an acrylic dome skylight will help to shed water while allowing sunlight to brighten any space. Acrylic is a lightweight shatter resistant compound that is a great option when glass isn’t available.

Tubular skylights can be used in dark corners, halls and bathrooms as a way to add natural light where a traditional skylight might not be ideal. Valentine even includes one extension or elbow, free of charge, for every install.