Using the Right Material

When if comes to your home it is incredibly important to have a solid, well built foundation. The same is true for your home’s roof. Sheeting, also known as the roof deck, is the solid wood surface that the rest of your roof is built on. Ensure the life of your roof by using a durable, weather resistant and level product. CDX plywood, at least 1/2″ in thickness, is the best material to use for sheeting. Anything less than 1/2″ can warp over time and may lead to nail pops or leaks. Because it is weather resistant, CDX resists swelling, mildew and mold, an important feature here in the Northwest where water and moisture are abundant. CDX is a strucural material that will help to eliminate uneven surfaces, which can sometimes lead to wavy shingles. When it comes time to install a new roof make sure you start with the best foundation possible. Replace old OSB or thin plywood with new 1/2″ CDX. If your roof deck is currently a skip shetting or tongue and groove new 1/2″ CDX can be installed directly over the exsisting material to provide a level surface that all the components of your new roof can be securely fastened to. Avoid issues down the road by using the right material the first time!