Safety First!

Roofing is an inherently dangerous activity, which is why Valentine Roofing takes the safety of each employee very seriously. To ensure all our employees follow the same safety standards and procedures we supply every field employee with the same safety equipment, which are regularly examined by our safety inspector. This equipment, along with the d-ring roof anchors we install on every roof, are used as part of a Fall Restraint system and  will actually stop a person from falling before they ever reach the edge of the roof. Fall Restraint is the safest form of fall protection and is our standard. Valentine Roofing holds CPR classes regularly, so all our employees are up to date on the most current life saving techniques as well. Safety always comes first at Valentine Roofing!




Left: A photo of the roof anchor and fall restraint safety equipment used by every field employee.








Right: Even our office staff, like Shamika our Project Engineer, are trained in life saving techniques.