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Protect Your Investment with a Professional Roof Inspection of Your Home

Having a Professional Roof Inspection performed on your home is a major asset; especially if you’re looking to sell your home, need an expert third party opinion, or just to verify the overall condition of your roof. A roof can look beautiful from the ground view, but a closer inspection can reveal problems or potential areas of concern.

A thorough inspection will assess the interior and exterior of your roof, including the attic. This inspection will cover everything from shingle health to ventilation to leaks. When complete you should know with confidence that your roof is either in excellent shape, needs repair or needs to be entirely replaced. Regardless, a professional inspection will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make an informed decision for your family and home.

Selling Your Home

A major benefit of a professional roof inspection is to certify your roof’s condition if you plan to put your home on the market. This is an extra but very useful step to showing potential buyers that the roof is solid and will last for years to come.

Expert Third Party Opinion

You may find yourself in a spot when a third party, expert assessment is needed about your roofing materials, the quality of your roof install, or just the general condition of your roof. A licensed, bonded and insured residential roofing contractor, like Valentine Roofing, is the best source for this information and can provide a comprehensive inspection you can rely on 100% of the time.

Insurance Claims & Loans

Large weather events, like windstorms, can cause major damage to your roof that may go unnoticed without and expert assessment. Inspections are typically completed in less than 4 hours and reports are delivered within several days in most cases. 38% of all insurance claims are caused by wind and hail and homeowners insurance often requires a professional roof inspection to file a claim. In addition, when you’re buying a home there are many forms of loans that require an expert inspection before approving funds. Valentine Roofing offers a comprehensive inspection report for as little as $495.

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