New Windows by Valentine Roofing

When it comes to new windows for your home, you will find that the right contractor will be more than just the window contractor near me. For residential windows, the right installation is just as important as the right window, or door. At Valentine Roofing, we provide design and installation options that meet your specific goals as well as the needs of your home. Our window estimator will design the right project for YOU! While every project is different, the result is always gorgeous new windows and doors along with a very happy customer!

Take a look at a few of our recent window installation projects to help you decide your next home improvement endeavor.

New Windows in North Bend

Our team of skilled window installers recently completed a residential window installation for our customer in North Bend. Wanting to improve her view of the mountains, she opted for a full window replacement, along with a new front door. Over time windows can etch and become scratched, hindering the view looking out. She opted to remove some of the grids from specific windows to provide a better view. With new vinyl windows, the customer has the clarity she desires. Her large windows allow for natural light to flood her home without allowing heat loss since these windows are among the most energy-efficient windows available. It was an upgrade all around!

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new windows by valentine roofing

Energy Efficient Windows in Seattle

For our customers in Seattle, energy-efficient windows were a must. Their old windows were drafty, allowing in the summer heat as well as the cold winter air. Our estimator helped the customer find an energy-efficient upgrade with gorgeous vinyl windows. Because they had old single-pane windows, this home improvement project allowed our customers to capitalize on available PSE rebates for energy updates. As a window contractor that is part of the PSE Trade Ally program, we can help facilitate rebates for all qualifying PSE customers!

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Windows AND Doors

It isn’t all about window replacements in the Valentine Roofing window division. We recently installed a new front door for our customer in Tacoma looking to update her home while adding a fresh pop of color. A new front door is a fast and affordable way to give your home a facelift. A new front door can change any home’s aesthetic, create a modern look, and so much more. With a front door update, this home went from traditional to fresh modern in less than one day! 

For your next residential window replacement project call Valentine Roofing, your local experts in window replacement! (206) 575-7656 or submit your information here for a free bid.