Nu-Ray Panel Metal Roofing System Installed by Valentine Roofing

A Modern Flare with Metal Roofing

At Valentine Roofing we use the same exact products on our own homes that we install on yours. Recently one of our own estimators, Sean Heins had his family’s roof replaced with a gorgeous new metal roofing system. Their home was built by Sean’s grandparents in the early 1970’s and previously had a traditional asphalt roof. Knowing the lasting benefits of a metal roofing system, Sean opted to spend a little extra on the seamless metal panels because of the Kynar paint finish. Kynar paint includes a 40 year warranty by itself. Sean’s roof features 16” wide standing seam panels that truly elevate the exterior of the home. In addition, they went with a thicker, 24 gauge striated panel which will help prevent “oil canning” which is deformation or buckling of the material. The color Sean and his family chose is a premium finish “Pre-weathered Zinc”, which stands out beautifully against the green trees that surround the home. A vented ridge was installed which will allow the outside air that enters to escape out the top of the roof, preventing damage such as premature aging and cracking to the attic or roof. 

As standard on all our metal roof installations, we used a “hook eave” which gives a nice finished look and prevents water from wicking under at the eaves over time. We also added a gorgeous 6’x8’ atrium skylight and 2 other 6’ skylights from TAM Skylights. These all added a great deal of extra light into the entryway and opened up the home a lot more. In addition, the brick chimney was re-flashed, new gutters were installed after the roof was complete, and new CDX sheeting was installed on the eaves as well as new Fascia and Barge Board around the entire perimeter.

We’re extremely proud of the finished roof on Sean’s home. Our team worked closely alongside him to ensure we delivered exactly what he and his family had envisioned. We’re committed to providing every customer with the highest level of care, even our own employees. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about metal roofing systems. For more information about the metal roofing systems we offer, visit our metal roofing page