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Metal Roofing vs. Traditional Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing installed by valentine roofing in seattle washington

When it comes to standing seam metal roofing vs. traditional asphalt shingle roofing there are lots of factors to consider. One benefit is that a metal roof can last a very long time because of the strength of the material itself. A well maintained metal roof can last anywhere from 30 to 70 years depending on the material used. Another factor of metal is durability. Metal can hold to high winds and tend to be better against cracks, erosion and are often more impact resistant. A third factor is also a very important to many people, energy efficiency. Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat and that can help reduce cooling costs from anywhere from 10 to 20% on average. For those interested in being environmentally conscious when choosing a roof, metal can also be good because they are often 25 to 95% recycled materials and at the end of their life they are 100% recyclable.

There are common misconceptions about metal roofs that some people worry about that should also be considered.

  • Noise. People often worry that having a metal roof will mean that there will be a lot of noise from rain. A well insulated home with a metal roof will often not have any extra noise from rain hitting the roof than a standard composite roof.
  • Colder temperatures. Many people think that when there is snow and extreme cold outside that the fact they have a metal roof that it will cause the inside to become colder. The factor on the temperature inside your home fully depends on your home’s insulation.
  • Metal roofing attracts Lightning. While metal is a conductor, it does not actually “attract” lightning. In the event a metal roof is struck by a lightning strike, the metal works to disperse energy safely through the structure of your home, and more importantly, metal is noncombustible.
  • Damaged easily by hail. Another common misconception is that metal roofs are easily damaged by hail during a storm. When hail is large enough, it can damage any roof type, but metal roofing is structurally stronger. Asphalt shingles have weatherproofing granules that can be easily knocked off during a hailstorm. Most hail will not dent or damage metal roofing unless there are extreme conditions.

A metal roof can be aesthetically pleasing as well as long lasting and can provide many benefits that can outweigh traditional asphalt shingle roofs as well as wood shake roofs. Valentine is a proud installer of standing seam metal roofing. If you are looking into getting estimates for metal roofing, get three bids, just make sure Valentine is one of them.