Making Your New Roof Last: Valley Metal

If you want your new roof to last a long time without leaks, make sure valley metal is installed as part of your roof system. We see a lot of Seattle homes with leaky roofs because of this problem alone. The valley area of a roof is a very leak-prone if not installed correctly.

Many roofing contractors try saving a little money by leaving out a few key components and a lot of homeowners don’t know the difference. Valentine Roofing installs valley metal with every new roof installation. Below is a picture of the final product.



One thing you can’t see in this roof photo is that the valley metal extends two feet under the roofing on each side of the middle seam in the metal. Being a roofing contractor in Seattle requires a very high level roof installation as the weather can be very unforgiving. Ultimately, it does not pay to skimp on your new roof.