leaky roof

Leaking Roof? Fix it Now.

leaky roof
Leak Stop Guarantee – Roof Replacement performed on a leaky roof by Valentine Roofing

Let’s face it, no one wants to go running for a bucket every time it rains. Staying on top of the every changing Pacific Northwest weather forecast is both annoying and impractical, but those small drips represent a larger issue with your roof. At Valentine Roofing, we know better than anyone the investment in both time and money a leaky roof can be. The home is a sacred space for family and friends to gather. At the end of a long day we come home to see our loved ones, rest, and refuel. A leaking roof can throw everything out of place and be extremely stressful to deal with.

A leaking roof is no joke and neglect to fix it in a timely manner, can result in a variety of problems for both your roof and home. If your roof is leaking now or does in the future, let us put your mind at ease. At Valentine Roofing we offer the Leak Stop Guarantee. This guarantee covers all roof replacements that we perform in any season, rain or shine. This means that if your roof is leaking, we will go out to your home and secure the leak before we can safely install your new roof. This ensures that further damage to your home from the elements is stopped immediately.

Even though we’re still a few days away from the official start, fall is definitely here in the Pacific Northwest. As a local company we understand the unexpected circumstances and unpredictable weather many will face this season. With this in mind, we will come to your home and fix a leak even if it’s pouring rain. Even if you do not currently have a leak, if one occurs while you’re waiting for your new roof to be installed, we will happily come to your home and secure it. Our goal is to offer you the peace of mind in knowing that your roof and home are in safe and capable hands.

It’s this type of commitment to your complete satisfaction and overall experience that has allowed us to remain the #1 roofing contractor in the Puget Sound Area. Going the extra mile is one of our core values and through this offering we aim to achieve this. If you find yourself with a leaky roof this season, reach out to us at Valentine Roofing. We’d love to help.