Home Exterior Trends We Expect to See in 2023

2023 is giving way to more elegance and luxury with thoughtful updates and changes. This year’s trends will feature more dramatic choices than we have seen recently as the maximalist aesthetic begins to gain more popularity. Homeowners will tend toward bolder colors, more texture, dimension, and contrast as well as technology that creates sustainability. Here is our list of top home exterior trends we are seeing in 2023.

  1. Materials that Last Longer/ Tech advances
  2. Indoor-Outdoor Flow
  3. Windows with a View
  4. Deep and Earthy Colors
  5. Vibrant Accent Colors
  6. Texture and Dimension
  7. Bold Front Entry
  8. Black and White Exteriors

Materials that Last Longer and Sustainability

With more homeowners moving toward sustainable products and living, there has also been a movement toward using building materials that last. A large part of sustainability is quality and longevity. Products with longer lives mean less waste over time. Products that are technologically advanced and designed to withstand more wear and tear over time are winning in 2023. This is one exteriors trend we expect to continue well beyond this year.

Owens Corning offers an architectural shingle that provides class 4 impact resistance, leading to fewer repairs from falling limbs. The Duration FLEX® shingle also offers a 130 MPH wind warranty versus the standard 110 MPH wind warranty. This SBS-modified shingle withstands seasonal changes and retains granules for longer. This shingle is changing the way homeowners think about sustainability.

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Indoor outdoor flow is all about connecting indoor living space with outdoor living space. Opening up the home to extend the space both visually and physically. Providing cohesiveness through color, materials, and blurring the physical boundaries between the separate spaces. To create a seamless flow between the home and the exterior living space, like the patio, homeowners are opting for bi-fold and french doors. These doors open wider for a smooth transition. Physically joining the space rather than separating it.

Windows with a View

With this same concept in mind, homeowners are choosing windows that enhance their view from the inside while creating a more beautiful home exterior. Homeowners who replace windows in 2023 will likely opt for models and styles that have sleek frames for a more seamless sightline. Styles like double hung, double casement, garden windows, bay, and bow windows will take center stage as they provide the indoor-outdoor flow homeowners are looking for.

Deep and Earthy Colors

As 2022 gives way to 2023 homeowners are opting for colors that are rich in hue and provide warmth in even the most modern and industrial of spaces. These colors bring a luxurious element to any space. Creating a comfortable yet elegant home.

Vibrant Accent Colors

The deep and earthy color palette for design allows for bold and vibrant accents. Like a deeply red raspberry peeking through the vines, this color trend also takes a cue from our natural surroundings. These colors won’t take center stage but will add a fun or quirky touch to more traditional spaces. You can expect to see vibrant accents on doors, wall nooks, furniture, and textiles throughout homes in 2023.

Texture and Dimension

One major theme in all the home trends in 2023 is creating unique spaces that feel timeless and elegant. One way to add visual intrigue to any space is by adding dimension. Homeowners will choose treatments and textiles that have texture. You will also see more dimensional building materials. Such as roofing shingles with depth and dimension or siding treatments with a texture like stone.

Bold Front Entry

A bold front entry on a home is the equivalent of a red carpet grand entrance. This is the space that greets our guests and provides the first impression of every home. This trend will see homeowners opting for larger front doors that invite people inside. Homeowners will lean toward bolder colors, like raspberry, for front doors. Other bold entry trends include oversized plants and intricate details that create an inviting space for all.

Black and White Exteriors

The rise of the modern farmhouse aesthetic gave way to a resurgence in many trends, such as shiplap, sliding barn doors, and exposed beams. Like all trends, this one is evolving. While the modern farmhouse aesthetic is still alive and well, it does look a bit different than that of the twenty-teens. This new era of ‘farmhouse’ mixes industrial rustic with the more vogue maximalism aesthetic. White exteriors will also feature deep black accents for more than just lighting. Black will be more prevalently in the mix with trim, siding paint, doors, and even painting porches and decking. Rather than white with a splash of black, these two colors will have more of a 50/50 presence on homes’ exteriors.