Going Pro in Bainbridge Island

 Valentine Roofing understands that landscape and gardens are important to our customers. We will go the extra mile to protect yours during your roof installation just like we did for our customer in Bainbridge Island. Placing plywood down to help catch falling roof debris is one way we help to protect your property, we will also lay down plastic sheeting to catch smaller items and keep nails, staples and more out of your gardens and grassy areas. A magnetic sweep at the end of each day and a final sweep at the end of each project will help to pick up any rogue debris.








When choosing new roofing material there are options to fit any style, price point and even HOA requirements. A rep will show you options that will fit all of your needs. Our customer in Bainbridge Island wanted an architectural shingle with both and warm colors and cool colors so they chose the Landmark Pro in Max Def Heather Blend. To complete the look we installed  matching ridge shingles and flashing for a unified and cohesive look. These details are all a part of the Valentine Signature Look that we adhere to for every roof we install.









 Our reps will asses your current roof and recommend any changes to best fit your roofing needs.  The customer in Bainbridge Island has a chimney that we recommended a cricket for. Crickets help to divert water away from the porous brick and back down to the roof and gutter system. With new flashing and a cricket in place this chimney and roof are ready for any weather the Pacific Northwest can bring.