Full Roof Replacement in Auburn

One of our crews just finished this roof replacement project for our customer in Auburn, featuring The Landmark Pro architectural shingle.  Every Valentine roof features new metal flashing because metal is long lasting and looks beautiful. With the ability to color match new flashing, every roof will look seamless and cohesive. It is usually recommended to replace skylights at the same time as your roof.  With double pane, argon gas filled construction featuring hand welded aluminum frames and a UV reflective coating, these skylights are not just beautiful, they are energy efficient as well.




We took one day to tear off the old roof, placing all the debris into the dumpster, performing a daily clean up which includes sweeping for nails. His neighbors were so impressed with our dedication to cleaning up that they decided to call us for a new roof as well! We understand how important it is to keep your yard and driveway as clean as possible during the project, for the safety of pets and family members, and we pride ourselves on a meticulous clean up during and after every Valentine Roofing project.