Enhance your Home’s Character

Does your home have a unique feature, or certain character that you want to remain true to? We will work with you to decide on the best material and installation for your new roof that will stay true to your home’s style, and can even help accentuate those unique features. From roof color to custom flashing, we will help you make the right change for your home!




See how the straight line chimney flashing helps to accent the unique build of this chimney. This allows for the lines of the chimney to be a prominent feature of this home.










We worked on creating custom radial metal for this home to keep the sleek look of the sweeping lines and stay true to the mid century modern architecture.









Another home in Poulsbo has flat sections through out the roof but the customer really wanted the industrial look of metal. We were happy to come up with a combination of materials to best fit the desired look and still provided exceptional protection against rain and wind.






This home featured a multi panel skylight before we arrived. The customer wanted something that allowed as much light in and did not have several metal bars on the skylight. We were able to work with the manufacturer to create a custom skylight that was everything this home needed and more.