Cedar Shingle Roof Seattle

cedar-shingle-seattle-2  cedar-shingle-seattle

We are working on a beautiful cedar shingle roof in the Madison Park area of Seattle. Cedar shingles are not to be confused with cedar shakes. Shingles are 18” high and are much thinner than shakes. Shakes are 24” high. Cedar shingles are installed at a 5.5” exposure while shakes are installed at a 10”exposure.
The “exposure” as we roofers call it, is the amount of the shake or shingle that you can see. In other words it is the part that isn’t overlapped by the shake or shingle above it.

A cedar shingle roof looks more “British” to me than a cedar shake roof which is more of a classic Northwest look. Shakes are bigger, more rustic and chunkier. Cedar shingles are a good way to differentiate your home from the neighbors. This is especially true if you want a more “proper” and intricate looking roof.